Obama Launches Yet Another Criminal War on Libya



A classified map was presented to the White House this week, then leaked to NBC who posted it on their website, showing the “progress” of Obama’s war on ISIS over the past two years. ISIS and its affiliates, the map shows, are now active in 18 countries, whereas in 2015 it was 13, and in 2014 it was only 7. Did this convince the warrior-president that his policy was a failure, and to accept President Putin’s repeated proposals to bring the world’s nations together to fight the common terrorist enemy?

Of course not. Rather, Obama launched a second war on Libya, bombing the city of Sirte (Qadaffi’s home town) on Monday and Tuesday, supposedly to prevent ISIS from consolidating a base in the country. Obama went on TV Tuesday to say that the war was “critical” to help Libya’s Government of National Accord fight ISIS, and that the war would continue as long as necessary.

There are several lies involved, as usual. The Government of National Accord is not a government of national accord, but a pseudo government hand-picked at the UN and shipped into Tripoli with the assignment to “invite” the US to start bombing, using US special forces on the ground as spotters. Obama did not ask for or receive authority from the UN, nor from the US Congress, to launch another war, proving once again his credentials as a war criminal. And, of course, ISIS would not be there in the first place if Obama had not bombed the country back to the stone age and killed its anti-terrorist leader in 2011, which, along with G.W. Bush’s similar treatment of Iraq in 2003, constitute the greatest war crimes of our age, responsible for the terrorist chaos internationally and the horrendous refugee crisis across Southwest Asia and Europe.

Leading bankers, including investment bankers, are now warning that nothing short of ending the “Universal Banking Model” immediately (i.e. restoring or initiating Glass Steagall bank separation across the trans-Atlantic region) will stop the onrushing collapse of the western banking system. A former leading Goldman Sachs Director and European Commission official Paul Goldschmidt, wrote that anything short of “doing away with Universal Banking” would cause not only financial breakdown, but also the “destabilizing of the foundations of European democracy” — i.e., fascism.
Helga LaRouche, who has just returned from China, noted today that the Chinese are extremely aware of the danger of the collapse of the western financial system, and the implications for the West and for the world. It is this financial breakdown which is driving Obama’s mad push for military confrontation with Russia and China, placing the world on the brink of thermonuclear war.

LaRouchePAC organizers in Washington, D.C. 2014

The solution is clear, and imminently achievable. The urgency of implementing Glass Steagall immediately in the US and Europe can not be over emphasized. The LaRouche movement, which is largely responsible for getting the Glass Steagall bills introduced and sponsored in the US Congress, and placed on the platforms of both parties at the recent Conventions, has mobilized itself to inspire the American population at this moment of historic transformation to reach to the stars, to restore the once-common American belief in science, progress and nation-building, to take down the Wall Street-lords and war-lords, along with their tool Obama, before it is too late.

China, Russia, and nearly the entire world are ready to act together with a reconstituted United States to achieve such a new state of affairs, on behalf of all mankind.

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