Obama Openly Backs Al-Qaeda Takeover in Syria

Before and After photos of the Great Mosque of Aleppo, Syria. Photo courtesy of Olympia Restaurant’s Before and After photo album. [facebook.com/Olympia.Rest/photos/?tab=album&album_id=770898579647858]



In the decisive fight over Aleppo, it has become clear and public that Barack Obama’s White House, Defense Department and State Department—and UN Ambassador—support al-Qaeda’s taking over Syria’s largest city, the likely “platform” for its destroying Syria’s government and seizing power. Obama is demanding the Syrian government lift the siege of al-Nusra/al-Qaeda in East Aleppo, which could effectively end the threat of a terrorist “Caliphate” across the Mideast. Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s press supporters, are calling the government encirclement of al-Qaeda an attack on the civilian population of Aleppo, and cheering for the jihadis to break it; his UN Ambassador Samantha Power is publicly demanding that civilians not take the opportunity to leave East Aleppo, but rather stay there with their “defenders” al-Qaeda while the United States demands Russia agree to get the siege lifted.

Once again the “anti-terror” policy of Obama and Hillary Clinton is a war-making fraud. Their war policies spawn and even openly support more terrorism, and back “allies” Saudi Arabia and “Londonistan” in sponsoring terrorism. UN Ambassador Power is a completely discredited advocate of Obama’s right to overthrow any government in the world by war, for his own “humanitarian” purposes.

His actual “humanitarian purposes” are to confront and provoke Putin’s Russia, and China, even to the point of global war. Obama’s entire presidency is a fraud. And Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself for what she has become while working for Obama.

The Obama White House is taking this latest, most despicable and potentially fatal step, while the trans-Atlantic financial system is crashing once again. Germany’s huge Deutsche Bank is merely the one nearest the bottom of a whirlpool of collapsing speculative debts drawing down all the big banks of Europe and the United States. More money-printing and “easing” by the central banks at this point only accelerates the whirlpool. It cannot be that the only “solution” is to make the powers of Eurasia pay the penalty of global war, for continuing to grow and increase their productivity.

A new paradigm is needed by which nations cooperate in growth, productivity for their workforces, and scientific progress for mankind. A new Presidency committed to that paradigm is needed for the United States.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Schiller Institute, which has organized scores of conferences around the world for this new paradigm, today publishes its June 25-26 Berlin “New Paradigm” conference in pamphlet form.

Give this the broadest possible circulation immediately. As Zepp-LaRouche noted Sunday regarding a leading Germany economist’s call for emergency nationalization of Deutsche Bank: “This system is doomed. Don’t be complacent about it. The timing is, really, ‘at any moment.'”

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