Putin and Erdogan Change the Situation: Obama and Hillary Are Isolated

Purin and Erdogan on the way to extended Russian-Turkish talks. August 9, 2016 [photo – kremlin.ru]


Today’s summit meeting in Moscow between Russian President Putin and Turkey’s President Erdogan pointed to agreements on trade and mutual infrastructure construction; on the “Turkish Steam” pipeline for Russian gas; and critically, on combating terrorism in Syria. There, “Russia has the most fundamental role,” the Turkish President said; and if necessary, just Russia and Turkey, working jointly, could resolve the war in Syria, in Erdogan’s stated view.

Clearly Turkish policy has changed; Turkey can play a pivotal role in construction of the North-South trade and economic corridor from India to Europe, being developed by India, Iran, Russia, China, and central Asian countries.

But much more has changed. Putin has made history. The immediately expressed reaction of EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche was that this development — on the heels of Putin’s summit with Ajerbaijan and Iran yesterday — creates a major change in the entire political geometry of the region. It fundamentally weakens the positions of both Obama, and war candidate Hillary Clinton.

“A new alignment of Eurasia is now moving forward, and whatever efforts Obama and NATO might make to stop it are now too little, too late,” LaRouche commented.

A much larger Eurasian bloc of nations will be motivated by China’s continent-spanning “New Silk Road” credit and infrastructure building policy. This program can extend even into a new Marshall Plan across the Mideast and North Africa, until now being destroyed by the wars of Bush, Obama, and Clinton.

Germany will be under great pressure to change its policies from those of Chancellor Merkel and Finance Minister Schaeuble, which are manifestly failing. Western Europe really has no choice now that Putin has shifted the geometry of Southwest Asia, in the manner that LaRouche forecast he would back on Sept. 30 of last year, when the Russian military presence in Syria first appeared.

Obama must answer to the American people. He is supporting a virtually 100% al-Qaeda terrorist force in northern Syria as the “preferred platform” to replace the Assad government; killed Libya’s president and then supported a hastily renamed al-Qaeda affiliate in Libya which participated in killing Americans in Benghazi; is supporting Saudi Arabia in bombing and destroying Yemen after the Saudis have been exposed as involved in the 9/11 attacks killing 3,000 Americans.

This regime-change war policy is what can be swept aside, finally, by what Putin’s diplomacy and actions are bringing about. Would-be war president Hillary Clinton cannot be tolerated for four more years of Obama’s discredited war policy, no matter how many Cheneyacs and neo-Cons endorse her.

In fact, nothing is fixed in the U.S. Presidential election; the two major candidates are a disaster to their own parties’ voters. The Wall Street-London financial system and economies of the trans-Atlantic countries are crashing, and the answer to that is not provoking war with Russia and/or China.

A “new Presidency” is needed, committed to a new paradigm. It must restore productivity and productive employment to the U.S. economy, and cooperate with China and Russia in scientific progress, in space, and in peace.

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