Between Putin and China,— Don’t You Realize What’s Happened to the World at Large?

Russian president Putin with President of Iran Hassan Rouhani, August 8, 2016. Photo:


These are not spontaneous developments by any means. They are the result of the intervention of the creative human mind,— Vladimir Putin’s.

The Russian, Iranian and Azerbaijan presidents met on August 8, especially featuring the International North-South Transport Corridor of the New Silk Road.  Next, the Transport, Energy and Foreign Ministers of those three countries will meet in Teheran, in preparation for another three-way summit, this time in Iran.

Another follow-on to the August 8 meeting was Putin’s summit with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in the Kremlin yesterday. They discussed Armenia’s integration into the Eurasian Economic Union, and moving toward a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in light of Putin’s recent summit with Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev in Baku and his other diplomacy.

Putin’s historic August 9 St. Petersburg summit with Turkish President Erdogan,— with its agreements on nuclear energy, increased trade, and the Turkish Stream gas pipeline,— was followed by a meeting today of the Foreign Ministers, Defense Ministers and intelligence heads of the two countries.  It was expected that they would try to coordinate their actions in Syria, including in the ongoing battle of Aleppo, near Turkey’s border.

It is no coincidence that just at this moment, Obama, with the help of his stooge Hillary Clinton, has suddenly raised the threat of war in Europe.  Yesterday, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) disclosed that it had intercepted two Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage groups in Crimea over August 7 and 8, arresting seven persons at the cost of two Russian lives (an FSB officer and a soldier).  One of the arrested has confessed on Russian television that they were sent by Ukrainian military intelligence to sabotage infrastructure.

Putin said last night that the intended sabotage was intended to destabilize Crimea as it prepared for elections.  He rejected the proposal for a meeting of the Normandy Four on Ukraine on the sidelines of the September G-20 summit in China, saying that it no longer makes sense, when Kiev is rejecting compromise in favor of terror.  And Putin knows what Crimean Prime Minister Aksyonov said aloud: that Kiev would not have done this without the go-ahead from Washington,— i.e. from Obama. And Obama is being loudly supported in his drive for war by Hillary Clinton.

“Putin has suddenly come into control of large developments in the world, and these guys are going wild,” Lyndon LaRouche said today.  “It doesn’t mean he’s perfect, but he’s in charge, and the others are having a freakout, and they don’t know what to do about their freakout.  Putin will do what he has to do,— expect all kinds of evil to pop up.  Now another attack has popped up,— not from Ukraine, but through Ukraine from elsewhere.”

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