BRICS’s Hamiltonian Policy Has the British Empire On the Ropes

Putin and leaders of the BRICS nations at the 2015 summit. [photo:]


“Putin is already the working President of a new universe,” Lyndon LaRouche asserted in his weekly discussion with the Manhattan Project on August 13. “Putin has built up a very respectable organization, which now occupies much of our entire planet!… Putin’s influence is not only Russia; it’s other parts of the whole Asiatic area.”

LaRouche elaborated that Putin, working in alliance with China, India and other nations, is constructing an alternative to the decomposing trans-Atlantic system, in the form of a global Hamiltonian approach. “You’re getting an Alexander Hamilton similarity for Russia; not only Russia, but for Asia! For all of Asia, practically. That’s a pretty big item.”

The next 60 days are fraught with danger, and opportunity. We are now staring down the barrel of a global financial crisis, Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in a discussion with associates today, which could well strike over the September-October period. In this same time frame, there will be a series of international conferences—culminating with the 8th BRICS Summit in India in mid-October—which can serve as the framework for implementing the required LaRouche-designed policy shift, if sufficient political will is mobilized internationally to create that revolutionary New Paradigm.

China continues to display the right approach: “It is time to educate scientific and technological minds,” Li Zhimin, the director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Education Ministry, stated, in announcing the release of the State Council’s plan to dramatically raise the proportion of scientifically-literate citizens in China by the year 2020.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has also made it clear that his friend and strategic ally, Russian President Putin, will be the #1 honored guest at the upcoming Sept. 4-5 G20 summit in China—to the horror of the British Empire and their stooge Barack Obama. The Chinese are tightly coordinating strategy for that G20 meeting, and the subsequent Oct. 15-16 BRICS summit in India, with Russia as well as India. Their stated policy is to meet “the challenges that the global economy currently faces” by “ensuring the successful organization of the G20 and BRICS summits.”

That success will be measured by immediately burying the deadly and bankrupt current financial system, and replacing it with a Hamiltonian system built on LaRouche’s design, as specified in his Four Laws. Reshaping the U.S. Presidency around that policy—and not the lunacy of the U.S. electoral campaign—is the real issue facing the U.S. and the world today. LaRouche stated:

Our President is a substitute for Satan. The leading candidates are terribly corrupt; so you’re going to worry about which candidate you’re going to elect? When you know that all the candidates, chiefly, that you’re talking about are specimens of evil! That in one way or the other, they reject their responsibilities as human being for this process. So, we’ve got to get at the source of the problem… and bring about a removal of the source of the problem.
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