The German Question: Spark for the Collapse, — or a Driver for World Development

President Putin and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier shake hands after a meeting March 23, 2016. [photo:]



If Deutsche Bank is allowed to descend into an uncontrolled collapse, exploding the largest pool of derivatives among the world’s banks, not only will the German economy be destroyed, but all of Europe and the United States with it. And yet, that is what is on the agenda, literally any day. Yet another voice from the financial elite is screaming the alarm today: “Deutsche is in more trouble than people realize,” said Brad Lamensdorf of Ranger Equity Bear in an interview with The Express of London. “Something is very, very broken.”

“Nothing is stable in the European banking system,” said Lyndon LaRouche in response. “The German economy is on the edge of an explosion. Merkel and Schauble are trying to manage the impossible. They must go. It’s only a question of when the break will occur.”

There is a means to solve this crisis, but not unless leaders emerge immediately in Germany to restore stability. This requires, first, the recapitalization of Deutsche Bank under a new regime which writes off the worthless derivative bubble and restores commercial banking under Glass Steagall-style regulation. If that is done, now, LaRouche said, then Germany, in cooperation with Putin’s Russia, can avoid a sudden crash and drive a new paradigm of cooperation between the trans-Atlantic nations and the Russia-China partnership which is now leading the world economy forward, despite the Western collapse.

Leading forces in Germany are trying to improve relations with Russia. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Yekaterinburg on August 15, where the two agreed to “encourage contacts between government agencies, between regions in the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany,” Lavrov stated, adding that “we believe that interest shown by Frank-Walter in working with Russia’s regions deserves all kinds of support.” According to Lavrov, as reported in TASS, the two also discussed bilateral relations in “political, cultural, humanitarian and historical areas.” How long can the insane sanctions regime and NATO war mobilization be tolerated?

Time is short. Putin has hit Obama’s war plan on two vulnerable flanks: first, in Syria, working under international law with the sovereign government of Syria to militarily defeat the terrorist apparatus on fronts across Syria, exposing Obama as a supporter of the Saudi-controlled al-Qaeda networks to achieve his criminal regime change aggressions; second, Putin has brought Turkey to its senses, ending Obama’s use of that country to funnel arms and terrorists into Syria.

Obama has responded by deploying the neo-nazi gangs in Ukraine to launch terrorist attacks in Crimea — i.e., in Russian territory — and escalating the war on the Donbas region. Putin announced that the planned meeting of the Normandy group (France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine) at the upcoming G20 meeting in China, to attempt to salvage the Minsk agreements, was now pointless, with Kiev opting for terror on Russian territory. Hollande, Merkel, and Poroshenko spoke by phone today — without Putin — and called for the Normandy process to continue. Others have proposed that Germany and Russia should proceed on their own to deal with Ukraine, to demand an end to the Obama-backed provocations from Kiev.

War is on the agenda — a war that would quickly become global and nuclear. While Germany, under new leadership and in tandem with Russia, can prevent the economic collapse and stop the rush to war, it will take the courage of American citizens to stop Obama (and his stooge Hillary Clinton) from subjecting the U.S. to Wall Street’s destruction of the physical economy and taking the world to war. These decisions must be made now — not through a fraudulent election between two enemies of the American System, but now, through Constitutional means, removing Obama for his multiple crimes against the Constitution and against humanity, implementing Glass-Steagall, restoring national banking, and restoring America’s commitment to a fusion-powered future on Earth and in space.

No “practical” partial measures can succeed.

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