Will The US Join the New Economic Architecture?



The world is now being defined by the parallel initiatives of Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping. As the G-20 summit approaches in China, President Xi has made clear that he intends to play an active hands-on role in using China’s presidency of the G20 this year to create a new economic architecture for the planet. And the dramatic diplomatic initiatives taken by Putin over the past 48 hours demonstrate that Russia’s strategic leadership is providing the only path forward towards peace and development for the greatest crisis regions of the planet. India is also included, with the Indian envoy to Syria declaring, “the age of destruction must be replaced by the age of reconstruction.” Will the United States join this new paradigm before the transatlantic world descends into chaos and war? The exploration of space, especially the far side of the Moon, defines the “common future” which can transcend the conflicts of today. China and Russia are acting to carry mankind into that future; let us inspire the citizens of the United States to demand a renaissance of creativity within our republic and to join the “mass movement for development” now sweeping the planet — before it’s too late.

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