Glass-Steagall Now! Shut Down Wall Street Before It Kills You


August 31—With major international summits beginning September 2nd, and Congress returning September 6th, these next two weeks will be far more decisive than the Nov. 8 election for the future of the United States, and for mankind. Lyndon LaRouche has warned that unless the U.S. Congress acts—and now, in September—to reinstate Glass-Steagall, as the first step in a much larger overhaul of economic and monetary policy, then the entire trans-Atlantic system is headed for blow-out.

In discussion with colleagues today, LaRouche said the following, “If they avoid the issue of Glass-Steagall, in particular, and related issues, then the people who do that will bring their death upon themselves. You cannot afford to overlook what the issue is here. You will have a lot of dead people suddenly because they didn’t pay attention.”

This coming week will witness a march of three successive international heads-of-state summits in Asia—Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, China’s hosting of the G-20, and Laos’ hosting of the ASEAN plus 6—and these will continue to establish that China, Russia, and India—not Obama and NATO—are creating a new global system. And while China takes the lead at this week’s G-20 summit to create a new and just global financial system, British stooge Barack Obama, in his state of delusion intends to push his already doomed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as part of his war agenda against Russia and China.

On Sunday, the United States will confront the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and the first in which the real foreign sponsors of the terror attacks, i.e. the British and Saudi Monarchies, stand exposed with the now-released 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry, as do the institutions who ran the cover-up, including but not limited to the FBI and the CIA. In light of these revelations, New York City will convene this weekend through a powerful series of choral performances of Mozart’s Requiem performed by The Schiller Institute Chorus, including a special mass in honor of the FDNY on September 11th, all part of attaining full justice for the heinous murder of 3,000 plus Americans fifteen years ago.

And there are clear and accelerating signs of an imminent trans-Atlantic financial blowout. The last-minute deal to save Italy’s Monte Dei Paschi bank is now unraveling, and JPMorgan Chase is now pushing a private sector bail-in to avoid a wipeout of the entire Italian banking sector. CNBC reported last week that “banks are getting ready for economic nuclear winter,” devising worst-case contingency plans, which envision the complete bust-up of the eurozone and the end of the European Union, through a string of other exit votes all over Europe.

It has never been more true, that if the population wished to reverse the trend of the last fifteen, if not fifty years, Obama would be condemned as a tragic failure and patriotic forces would push Glass-Steagall through now!

Lyndon LaRouche addressed this underlying fear of the population in the discussion earlier, “And you know the FBI is part of this thing. Other institutions, like the FBI, are responsible for the suppression of the truth. I think the time has come to suppress the FBI! At least until it attains to its responsibility…
“And all the people who supported the idea of imprisoning me were fraudulent. And especially some of the big-wig court people. They did it. They committed a crime… The problem is, that people don’t act on what they recognize is the problem!

“So we have to mobilize people as such to mobilize themselves. In other words, not to just mobilize themselves, as such, but to do an actual mobilizing of their own outreach… The problem is, people get scared. They’re afraid the FBI and all kinds of things go on. They’re intimidated.”

Time to Act

As with the ongoing summits, including the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in the second half of September, there are strong strategic shifts underway. Putin has overturned the U.S/British policy in Southwest Asia, winning over Turkey and now even leading voices in Germany to a policy based on international law, the elimination of terrorist networks, and broadscale economic development.

It is now increasingly evident that the policy by China, Russia, and India of corridors of new infrastructure across Eurasia and Africa has become more powerful than Obama’s attempts to provoke war with Russia and China.

As Lyndon LaRouche said in discussion with colleagues earlier today, “I think we’ve got the packages right now. The main thing is to just maintain the packages of development and to increase them. We’re getting all the help we can get, probably, on the basis of the new attack against the gangsters, as we call them. And many members of the Congress are now being pushed into defending the rights of our citizens.

“That means, we just simply are going to mobilize the people, in our effect. Mobilize the people to force these rights—their rights, on the basis of this, just that simple consideration. It’s the only way it’s going to work.”

Glass-Steagall is the indispensable first step, in both the United States and Europe, to avert a financial avalanche. There are bipartisan bills in both Houses of Congress, as well as in both the Democratic and Republican Party platforms, and passing Glass-Steagall in the coming weeks will ultimately up-end the entire election process in favor of the American people as a whole.

The new global financial architecture and world land-bridge of transcontinental great projects, now under construction, have been promoted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche for over four decades. It is now time to force the acceptance of Glass-Steagall banking regulation, eliminate the financial nuclear bomb of financial derivatives, and implement Lyndon LaRouche’s other three Cardinal Laws: create national credit banks; define a credit system according to the increase of the productive powers of labor through broadscale development and infrastructure; and advance the scientific frontiers of deep space exploration and fusion power development.



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