UK Parliament Impeaches Cameron For War And Terrorism: — Why Is Obama Still In Office?

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron depart 10 Downing Street amidst the Libyan War, May 24, 2011.



Barack Obama should not stay in office to veto the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, when David Cameron has been impeached by the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The two of them, together, committed the crimes of the Libya war, its spread into the Syria war and resumption of Bush’s Iraq War, the arming and enabling of Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen — all while Cameron was British Prime Minister and Obama president.

The two of them have covered up the Saudi sponsorship of terrorism including the 9/11 attacks, denying justice to the victims of those attacks and their families.

The British House of Commons, in a brutally clear report issued Sept. 13 by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, has held Cameron “directly responsible” for the spread of chaos and terrorism in the failed state of Libya. He and Obama spearheaded the removal and assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, whose follow-on effects unleashed ISIS on the world and revived al-Qaeda.

The House of Commons have forced Cameron to resign from Parliament immediately, one day before the report appeared. This is only justice; and this has been done by a Parliament whose majority is Cameron’s own party. It is now likely to end Britain’s obscene arms sales to Saudi Arabia for its invasion of Yemen.

How does Obama escape for the same crimes, make the same obscene arms sales, and veto justice for the 9/11 victims and survivors when Congress has voted for it unanimously?

The Congress has the responsibility to impeach him, even now, as he tries to use the election campaign to stampede Americans into a war confrontation with Russia and China. Americans who want to end this “perpetual war” and terrorism should act to make Congress fulfill that responsibility.

Their other responsibility is to pass the Glass-Steagall Act back into law, to finally impose justice on Wall Street and open up the “credit channel” for productive investments and productive employment.

The China-hosted G-20 summit last month rejected Obama’s push for a South China Sea confrontation and a new Wall Street “trade deal.” Still pressing for war, he has been isolated.

The nations there instead agreed on China’s proposals, to make a new financial architecture and mutually build continental corridors of new infrastructure — the “New Silk Road” and the “World Land-Bridge.”

This new paradigm for productive economic recovery is wide open for the United States; Obama has isolated this country from it. He appears even to be covertly opposing his own Secretary of State’s negotiation of a Syria peace with Russia.

We have to clean house, of Obama and of Wall Street, and we have to do it now. It’s only justice.

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