Obama is a British Agent and He Will Take Action Accordingly Until He is Kicked Out of Office

King Salman of Saudi Arabia bids farewell to President Barack Obama, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 27, 2015 Photo: White House



President Barack Obama’s continuing threat to veto the JASTA bill is a clear reminder that the President of the United States is in reality an agent of the British system, and he will do whatever he is told by the British Crown—the American people be damned. Lyndon LaRouche warned today that no one should expect Obama to do the right thing by signing the JASTA bill into law and letting the justice system deal with the Saudi Monarchy, the facilitators of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. “Obama will wiggle and dodge the issue until the last moment—and then he will veto JASTA—unless there is such an outpouring of pressure from the American people that it leaves him no choice,” LaRouche declared.”After all, Obama is a British agent and he will act accordingly.”

LaRouche added, “Obama is a faker and he must be smoked out.” Obama is being propped up by a string of Big Lies, peddled by the US mainstream media, that repeats the Administration’s lies, including the insane claim that the US economy has improved, wages are rising, unemployment is at a low point, etc. This is all lies, as any honest American in the lower 90 percent income bracket knows. Some 93.5 million working age Americans are not even counted in the labor force. The Big Lie campaign propping up Obama can be smashed. The US has become a country of unbounded statistical fakery.

Just as JASTA must be passed now, whether by forcing Obama’s hand or by an overwhelming vote in the Senate and the House that overrides an Obama veto, so too Glass Steagall must be passed into law immediately—before the total disintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial system occurs, which could be any time. Don’t count on Elizabeth Warren to lead this fight—she is too compromised by her partisan desires to defend Obama and Hillary Clinton. “Just do it!” LaRouche said again today.

The actions taken this week by the British House of Commons, which dumped David Cameron from his parliamentary seat for his role in the Libya war, all based on lies, is a wake-up call for the same action to be taken by the US Congress against Barack Obama. He must be kicked out of office now.

Among Obama’s many crimes is the brutal way he terrorized and then used Hillary Clinton, particularly around the Libyan invasion and assassination of Qaddafi. That action, where Hillary Clinton fully caved in to Obama and was never the same after, was the start of the Obama war drive against Russia and China. LaRouche called it at the time of the Qaddafi assassination and everything that followed from those 2011 events has proven the case. The danger of war against Russia and China has now reached a point where all of mankind is in danger, everyday Obama remains in office with the power to start a thermonuclear world war. And as events of the last week have made publicly clear, Hillary Clinton is broken down and she needs to get out.

The American people desperately need help and serious consideration of their plight. Instead, the Club of Rome has resurfaced, to demand a global genocide, under the guise of their claim that “one percent growth” is all that the world needs and the New Silk Road program should be scrapped. The Club of Rome remains the same genocidal outfit that launched the original Limits to Growth Malthusian campaign back in 1972. At that point, Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche movement took the lead in exposing the Club of Rome as a gang of murderous liars, whose real agenda was to kill billions of people—the same identical agenda as that of the British Monarchy, most clearly expressed by Royal Consort Prince Philip.

That policy must now finally be put to rest.

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