Manhattan Town Hall event with Michael Steger (with transcript)



LPAC Policy Committee member Michael Steger is the featured guest on this week’s Manhattan town hall event with NYC activists.


DIANE SARE:  Welcome to the LaRouche PAC Saturday town hall meeting.  I’m Diane Sare.  Dennis Speed will be here, but a few minutes late.  We have today as our guest, Michael Steger, who is also a member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, and who was here all last weekend for the extraordinary series of events and is now back in San Francisco.  So, Mike, if you have some opening remarks, why don’t you go ahead; and then we can —

MICHAEL STEGER:  OK, sure.  We had a discussion with Lyn and Helga this morning, and there are certain points that you reach in history where, based on a voluntary intervention, you create something that you knew was possible, you knew was necessary; but you never knew if it was going to happen.  We are now facing, I think, the concerts over the past weekend were extraordinary; and many of you participated in one form or another.  And we touched on a certain nerve in those concerts; we touched on something that has remained dormant in too many of the American people; which was the blatant unjustified murder of over 3,000 Americans, tens of thousands more following those events, and a sense of the criminal injustice of the administrations — both Bush/Cheney and Obama following it.  Which not only perpetrated those crimes in many cases, but then covered up the actual perpetrators and the cause of those crimes.

Now, these concerts we had over the weekend, I think touched on that; we saw it.  Perhaps you don’t know, but it wasn’t just in the New York City area.  Our outreach, our activity was throughout the entire country; and many people watched the Sunday performance live over the internet, they’ve seen the various coverage.  But they also were organized around an active sense of the imagination; around what we’re doing as an organization, what we’re fighting for in a way that was beyond what most people had imagined.  They were participating in that choral process and in those performances, even though they were far, far away from the actual churches and venues.  What we’ve got now is a different potential with those concerts; and I think that’s the first point that has to be made, because it’s a very important aspect of what we’re now going to confront.  I would say that, based on the discussion with Lyn and Helga this morning, the next six days present a very critical point of escalation in our efforts to win this war; to bring down this British Empire, to bring down this fascist economic system, to bring down this bestial view of man, and to bring down Obama.  It just happens that sometimes you have confluence of interventions; a confluence of events that coincide.

Now, many people know the shame that Obama faced internationally beginning on the first of September.  The Eastern Economic Forum, the G20 summit, the trip to the ASEAN conference. Not only was Obama called a son of a bitch or son of a whore, and now the corresponding of the Philippine President.  Now, their Foreign Minister is coming to Washington, D.C. to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and saying blatantly we’re not going to be your colony any longer.  You’re either going to help us develop, or screw off; “We cannot forever be the little brown brothers of America.”  This is pretty tough language for a small archipelago nation in Southeast Asia.  Yet you see this quality of a defense of a dignity of man now burgeoning from the leadership of Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China.  And you see the shame Obama faced in the G20, ASEAN summits.  You see this process of a political mobilization in the American people. [last] Friday, the night of the first concert in the Bronx, you had the [U.S.] House also unanimously also passed the JASTA vote; the Senate passed it a number of weeks ago.  It was just about two months ago that the 28 pages were released.  So, you have an escalating fight specifically on the 9/11 question.  Now this JASTA fight, as I think many people know, is to allow the families of the victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Just over the last 24 hours, it’s been made very clear why the Obama administration is a little bit more panicked than you might otherwise think.  Now, it’s not just a question of suing the Saudis — and of course, Obama is a British agent backed by the British monarchy, protecting their terrorist networks internationally.  Senator Corker from Tennessee made it very clear:  We are killing civilians in Pakistan with our drone program.  We will suffer similar lawsuits implicitly, if we pass the JASTA bill.  If we open up this can of worms, we are going to be held accountable for the mass murder we are perpetrating today.

Now this mass murder is not just a “we,” the United States government; this is Obama.  This is specifically and explicitly Obama.  This was documented in a release of classified documents called the Drone Papers; it was made very clear in a book called The Assassination Complex.  This is specifically Obama’s murder program, Terror Tuesday, going after civilians, weddings, young children on an ongoing basis over these last 7 1/2 years.  So, this JASTA vote is something that has far more implications than just justice for the 9/11 families.  It is to hold these criminal and fascist murderers — both Bush and Cheney and Obama — and the nexus around them; guys like Brennan and others — to hold them specifically accountable for the crimes they’ve committed over these last 15 years in the name of the United States.  I think many of you were at the Saturday Schiller Institute conference there in midtown Manhattan.  You saw [Virginia State Senator] Richard Black made a very compelling case of the crimes that are now being enabled under the so-called name of the United States.  That these are Nazi crimes; nothing less than outright Nazi mass murder crimes.

It’s time that we hold people like Obama accountable for that.  It’s time we hold them accountable for the crimes they’ve issued against thousands if not millions of people across this planet.  And perhaps even most importantly, we create the conditions politically in the United States to join the New Paradigm that Russia, China, and the nations working closely with them, like India, have now created.  They have taken the bold steps; and it was just a year ago, that you had the very vital step by Vladimir Putin to intervene into Syria.  That changed the entire strategic landscape.  That gave protection to nations like the Philippines or Iran or Turkey, or even Bashar Assad to stand up and say, “We’re not going to take this imperialist fascist policy any longer.”

So, Obama is caught red-handed.  John Kerry brokered a ceasefire agreement with Lavrov of Russia, to create some type of ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid into Aleppo.  Russia is calling for that ceasefire agreement to be made public and to be endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.  Obama refuses. So, the United Nations Security Council, that was supposed to meet last night, was cancelled because we refused to endorse it. But Obama even refuses to make the agreement public.  Why? Because as Vladimir Putin has just stated, because it will be exposed to the international community who is in violation of that ceasefire agreement, who is not upholding their end of the bargain; and it will be the United States.  There are reports coming in, that there are U.S. attacks even on the Syrian Army positions in Syria.  We very well could see a very blatant and flight-forward escalation by Obama towards world war as we speak; because he is trapped, he is vulnerable.  He is panicking; he is watching the TPP argument collapse.  He’s now turning to people like John Kasich and Hank Paulson — Mr. 2008 Financial Crisis and Bail-Out Man himself.  Obama is turning to these ridiculous Republicans to salvage his TPP program, which is dead.

There are massive protests right now all over Germany against the TTIP, the trade program in Europe; it’s dead.  There was a European Union summit in Slovakia; there was complete discord.  Prime Minister Renzi of Italy can’t even stand in the same room with Hollande of France or Merkel of Germany.  There is a real breakdown around the entire Obama program; even Obamacare is becoming dismantled.  He’s turning to the private insurance companies to somehow salvage what is an atrocious and mass murderous health care program.  I’m sure with many hospitals still shutting down across the country to this day.

Then, you’ve got the financial crisis.  You’ve got a $14 billion fine on Deutsche Bank; their entire bank is worth $19 billion.  They would be bankrupt if they had to pay.  Wells Fargo is facing total collapse because of complete criminal fraud against thousands of its clients, with hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.  Bank stocks were collapsing across the trans-Atlantic on Friday, and you could very well see a complete financial systemic blow-out in the coming weeks by the end of September, at the same time the United Nations General Assembly is meeting.

So, there is a very real potential that over this coming week, we have the ability to really bring down Obama and shut down this fascist program.  The reason why is because Obama has threatened to veto the JASTA bill.  It has had unanimous support by vocal consent by both houses of the Congress.  Obama has to veto the bill if Congress remains in session through Friday; and he has threatened to veto it.  It is likely he will.  The likely expectation is that he would veto it very late Friday, when Congress is no longer in session and won’t be coming back into session until after the November elections.  Congress has an ultimate responsibility to the American people, to those lost on 9/11, to those lost in the wars we’ve waged unjustifiably since then who fought for their country and for higher ideals but were misled, and for the great suffering of the American population and people globally for the crimes of these past two administrations.  They have an ultimate responsibility to stay in session and override that veto now.  At the same time that Obama will be giving a summit on the migrant crisis that he himself has probably been the largest creator of, on Tuesday at the United Nations in New York — where many of you should be participating in our intervention; there will also be a rally of the families of the victims of 9/11 in Washington D.C., first at the White House and then likely over at Capitol Hill.

We are going to hold the Congress’ feet to the fire; and we are going to expose Obama as the fascist murderer that he is. You don’t get opportunities like this very often.  Most of the American people are completely unaware that just this past week in Great Britain, a report was released that exposed the fact that the entire Libyan war was illegal, criminal, and of mass murder nature.  That Obama himself was the lead figure in this process.  This was a House of Commons report from the British government, led by Tory members of Parliament condemning not only David Cameron, Sarkozy of France, but also Obama.

So, the kind of situation that’s culminating — the United Nations Security Council will be meeting this week in New York; I think with heads of state.  That will be another position for Obama to be directly confronted and isolated in his lies and murders.  You’ve got the Chilcot Report on the Iraq war; you’ve got now the report on Libya, exposing Obama; you’ve got the direct statement by Senator Corker that the reason we can’t pass JASTA is because we’re illegally murdering civilians around the planet with Obama’s drone program.  You’ve got the collapse of the financial system; you have his humiliation internationally; and you have the stand by Russia, China, and their allies towards a new economic paradigm, based on Lyndon LaRouche’s economic perspective going back 50 years.  We have an ultimate chance to change the Presidency; to change the U.S. government.  That means the mobilization over the coming six days is absolutely essential.  As Lyndon LaRouche put it this morning, it’s time to stubbornly pursue that end.  To make a major blow against Obama, and a major victory for our patriotic forces here and across the planet.

So, in that light, I’d be happy to take some questions; I’m very happy to participate.  This is a very important process as you know.  So, I’ll just open it up for questions and see what people are thinking.

SARE:  Dennis Speed is now here.  Do you have anything you want to say?  Should we just go to questions?

DENNIS SPEED:  People should still line up.  I just want to emphasize that, as some people were able to hear Friday’s webcast, and if you did not attend the concert that happened in Morristown, you know that Terry Strada is very involved in the mobilization that is happening on Tuesday.  So, I just want to point that we’ve just gone through a process in the New York City area where thousands of people, and implicitly tens of thousands, have been mobilized around the idea of a living memorial concerning the crime of 9/11.  The practice of that living memorial is to take on Obama at this point and defeat him to use a manipulation of the will of the American people which has been clearly expressed in the Congress.  So the idea of the impeachment of Obama, or the idea that this was supposedly impossible, is not only untrue; but it’s reasonably obvious I think to anyone that this is something that could be achieved as the penalty for the action that he has already and from his standpoint is inevitably intending to take.  He will attempt a veto; he will not bend.  But that is the action that can become disastrous for him if we make it a disaster for him.  So, that’s the only thing I’d like to say; and let’s go right to the first question.

Q:  Good afternoon.  It’s Jessica White from Brooklyn.  This information is directed to the panel, but it’s actually for everyone in the room to kind of take heed to; because it’s something that’s really close to my heart.  It bothers the heck out of me, and I’d like some ideas from the panel on what I’m thinking and other things about this situation.  We started school — I’m a school teacher; I have parents coming to me from a school that I started at my very first day in the classroom. It’s called Middle School 61; it’s in Brooklyn, it’s a fantastic school.  It has maintained public school status without a charter school being placed in it for all this time.

In that school, there are children who are in a program called the Magnet Program.  These children are very bright; their parents are very involved, the principal is very involved in the entire curriculum.  But they took 30 kids over the summer, and they did something that hasn’t really been done on this scale before.  They’re 8th graders.  They’re not just taking the state 8th grade exam in science and in math and in ELA; but they also were scheduled to take three Regents exams from 9th grade. Global studies, biology — which I used to actually do with the kids — and math.  They call it sequential math.  Out of the 30 children, 15 children scored the highest score they could score which is a four.  Four is excel, three is you did OK, you passed, you did good.  Two is passing; one is not passing.  15 out of the 30 children got fours — the highest score.  The entire group passed the state science exam, and all of them got into good high schools.  Again, this is 8th grade.  Two of them got into Stuyvesant; so they took the specialized exam, and they got into Stuyvesant High School.  If you want to know about Stuyvesant, all right.  The FBI and some other muckety-mucks from the DoE [Dept. of Education], gathered up the parents, the children, and the principal and grilled them on whether they cheated on this test or not.  They took the children into rooms just so their stories would match; and they asked them things like “Who is your principal?  Do you know anything about your principal?  Do you know where your principal came from?  Did the teachers give you the answers to the test?  How long did you study?  How much did you study?  When did you study?  Where did you study?”  All of these things to 13-year old kids; they grilled them for hours. They asked them if they wanted a cup of coffee.  “We don’t drink coffee.”  With the bright light and everything like criminals. They asked parents, too.  The principal, they are scheduling all these things; they are talking about criminal investigation.  On what?  On the principal?  Is prosecution coming down the line for something to somebody?

The parents are outraged; they came and they told me this. One of the parents is actually my hairdresser; but we’ve been in touch because this is my school.  This is the same parents who I told to come to our conference; that I talked about the events and concerts we were having.  One of my best friends did put our poster in her window of her beauty salon which is in a very prominent place in Brooklyn.  So, when they are coming to me, saying should we go to the media; I said, the first thing you guys should do, is pass Glass-Steagall.  So, that was a conversation that sparked a lot of other conversation, as to what I meant; why I was saying that, all this kind of thing.  The grilling of these 13-year old kids by the FBI and somebody they’re trying to find out all these histories of the DoE, is really criminal; and it’s something that is coming down the pike to a public school that to excel — don’t we want public schools to do well?  Do we want every school to be privatized?  Do we want good health care, quality education, all these things that are constitutionally promised to us?

So, I bring you this.  I know it connects to Glass-Steagall and everything else that we have been talking about; and I’d just like your comment on it.

STEGER:  Well, Dennis or Diane, do you want to start?

SPEED:  Well, I can say something very quickly about it, which is welcome to Obama world.  I could say more; but I don’t have to say more.  What people refuse to recognize is that Obama is a cultural disease; he is a systemic problem.  What he represents is, he is a killer.  Murder is their cultural policy, not their military policy.  Not their strategic policy; not their economic policy; it’s their cultural policy.  Syria; the destruction of Libya; the destruction of Iraq; the destruction of Pakistan represents the same mentality of that of Pol Pot.  What you’re expressing, what you’ve just described is the natural consequence of eight years of Obama in office.  The necessary action — and it is an immediate action that can be taken by people this week; or your admonition to your friends that they ought to come to the meetings basically and get active, was accurate, was right.

So, that’s what I have.  Mike, you have [anything]?

STEGER:  No; full endorsement.

SPEED:  OK.  Diane wants to say something.

SARE:  This brings to mind a couple of things.  One, as you may know, a few years ago when I was running for Congress, I was looking at this Common Core curriculum which they are imposing on the schools with massive amounts of standardized tests.  What became very clear was that the intent of the test was not for people to pass, but was people to fail; because they wanted a pretext to fire all of the teachers like yourself who are competent, qualified, caring educators and replace you with people who are robot administrators.  Also, I think it’s a pretext for genocide against the young, because they want a pretext to put the young people on more and more drugs.  As we discovered in Boston when we were organizing for the Requiem on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I went to these public schools, including Catholic schools; and one nun was very proud that in her school only a couple of the children were on Ritalin.  Whereas in most schools, a majority of the children are on Ritalin or other drugs.  So, that’s one point, is that you have the deliberate destruction not simply of education, but the idea to destroy people; to bestialize them, to crush any remnant of creativity.

The other is what Mrs. LaRouche said recently, when she was talking about how people — which is the criminal mindset of the FBI — where people saying, “Well, China, aren’t they just trying to rape and loot and pillage.? They’re not really interested in developing these nations; they’re just doing it for their own imperialistic interest.”  I’m sure everyone has heard that. Well, no, they’re not; but perhaps because you have a criminal mindset, you believe that anyone who would do this is criminal. Since the FBI have criminal mindsets,  is a criminal organization, then there’s no idea that a human being could act for the good, or could do the good.  Not that I think there was any intent of the FBI going in there to do anything good; but I’m just saying you’re dealing with two questions.  And what Dennis just said is absolutely correct.  The current President is a murderer.  He’s a killer; he is guilty of genocide and menticide.

The point of what’s happening with JASTA, as Mike said at the beginning, put himself in one heck of a pickle; because both Houses unanimously by voice vote, passed this bill.  If they would have the courage,  — and even it’s ridiculous to say “courage” — if they would just have the basic decency, to stay in office and make sure that this doesn’t go through that he cannot get away with this veto.  And frankly, they should pick up the report that just came out of the British House of Commons on what Cameron was involved in, in the Libya war; for which Cameron had to resign and would have been impeached.  First he had to resign as Prime Minister because of the Brexit vote; now, he’s resigned from the House of Commons because this report came out, which shows that the bombing of Libya was a total war crime, crime against humanity and based on a fraud.  The United States — Obama specifically, and Hillary Clinton as his lackey — lied to China and Russia about what our intent was; getting them to abstain from voting in the UN Security Council, so that we could go ahead and do this bombing, that’s all out in Britain.  Cameron has been forced out of any kind of office whatsoever; so what’s wrong with the United States?

Q: [follow-up]  Thank you.  By the way, I’m sure I can get these parents to agree that Obama needs to be impeached.

Q:  Afternoon; B— from New Jersey.  Archimedes once said, “Give me a good place to stand on a lever, I’ll find a way to move the world.”  I think what you outlined earlier, shows a significant idea as far as the next week coming ahead.  I plan to go down to D.C. to partake in the events in front of the White House and the Congress.  I’m sure there are many other organizations doing the same thing; but I think there should be a significant effort put towards both on the local side and on the Federal side, of going after our representatives both in the Senate and in the House, to keep the pressure up on this.  It is that kind of a significant point.  So, I’d like your thoughts on that.

STEGER:  Absolutely.  That’s correct, I think.  We are in a full-scale escalation.  For too long, and many of you have a sense of this, Lyndon LaRouche reorganized this organization over the last two years.  What you just participated in over the last weekend, was the consolidation of what Lyndon LaRouche has intended for this organization to be; which is that the revolution exists on a higher cultural domain than is even accessible to our enemy.  That is, that our enemy cannot access the domain we access and acted upon over the course of this last weekend.  We shaped the cultural battlefield; we shaped a characteristic of this war that our enemy cannot operate on.  And we’ve got to take that now higher dimension that we’ve developed and bring it to full scale with a full-scale mobilization; and that means whatever we can mobilize for the United Nations rallies on Monday, on Tuesday, throughout this week.  Whether people can make it to the Washington D.C. rallies outside the White House; contacting your local Congressman’s office, their D.C. office.  If they’re campaigning, catch them at campaign events.  U.S. Senators, whoever it might be; we’ve got to have a full-scale mobilization to bring down this Obama Presidency now, on this question, for justice for the victims of 9/11, but far more for justice for the American  people in general, it’s time to shape a new Presidency.  And sometimes in history, unexpectedly, you get an opportunity like this.  We better not miss it. We better not pass it up.  There’s got to be a full-scale mobilization of our entire networks across the country and especially in New York City.

Q:  Hi, my name is C—M—.  It’s my first time being here with the LaRouche organization.  I wrote this today, it’s a letter.  It is quite disheartening in the beginning, but it is more optimistic, but it’s based on my experiences of the U.S., living in the U.S. for 20 years since I came here from Sudan.  So I’d like to share this letter, and then I’ll follow up with a question.

“Dear America:

“We were once a strong, industrialized country, we were once a country that had a strong desire to work, and be the best at everything we put our minds to.  We were once a country that every country around the world spoke of; now we’re insulted and lost their respect.  We had a desire to be independent and work. Now the healthiest of us depend on the government for welfare. We had strong morals, now we threw them to the wayside.  We were united, now the only time we come together is in the wake of a mass shooting or a crisis.  We would build each other up; now we tear each other down.  We were more tolerant of different opinions, now we have become overly sensitive and hide behind political correctness.  We accepted different viewpoints, now we’re polarized around slandering one another.  We strived toward being healthy, now we use pills as a solution for everything.  We were a society that stood against drugs, now we glorify and glamorize them.  We once stood as a nation that believed in God, now we are lost without spirituality.  We believed in ourselves in making dreams come true, now we are lost under the rubble of despair.  We were the land of the free and the home of the brave; now we are mentally enslaved and a nation in fear.  We had a will to learn; we no longer care.  We were patriotic; now that time only comes, when we are insulted.  We honored the forefathers, not it seems many have forgotten American history.

“When I think of the U.S., I think of how great and beautiful like is here.  I remember the great education this country has, how hard-working Americans are, a country where we can make his or her dreams come true.  When I think of the U.S. as a nation, that holds a bright future for the precious youth and encourages children to read.  We stood for what was right, and I still believe that many people who are righteous at heart exist.  This is the America I remember as a child.  This country was and is still a great country, but deep down I know this country can reach its quintessential peak once again.

My name is C— M—.  I am a Muslim and a proud American, and the United States is my home.” [applause]

I was actually getting emotional reading this because I’m actually sad to where this country has actually gone, and I feel as though we are very divided.  Ever since the last mass shootings that have occurred for the past four years, I noticed that this is the only time we come together, and this is not the America I remember.  So my question is, how can we be united again as we once were, instead of being divided as we are now more than ever?

STEGER:  Perhaps you had a chance to attend one of the concerts, or a couple of them over the weekend.  It demonstrated how you can unify people in a way which is to a higher sense of mission.  It’s a universal sense of man, not this predicated sense of race or religion or ethnicity or any of these false divisions; these are all artificial constructs.  There’s a sense of humanity that has to be touched, and it’s the same thing you see, even in Congress.  I mean Terry Strada pointed this out on Monday  — the leader of this families of 9/11.  It’s a bit unusual that you have unanimous votes in Congress on something truthful, as the JASTA bill would represent.

But I think what has to be touched on in what you’re raising there’s something you may not be aware of, since this is your first event, and it happened before you arrived into the United States, which is that the criminal fraud and unjustified indictment and imprisonment of Lyndon LaRouche and that the political class of this country let that happen, is why they are facing their own destruction today, and why the United States is facing ultimate destruction.

Because what Lyndon LaRouche represented, represents to this day, was the best of the United States, that which you just represented, what you captured in your letter, was what Lyndon LaRouche represented.  Even though at the death of Franklin Roosevelt the FBI basically took control over this country, the Wall Street apparatus, FBI, this British Empire crowd.  They killed John Kennedy.  And one of the aspects that Jessica raised around education was the question, the first thing Obama did was shut down the space program! That was what he did!  He killed the future.  Before he killed the present, he killed the future, and he continues to kill the past.

So the indictment of Lyndon LaRouche is something that is really the turning point of this country, because Lyn represents, to this day, right now, the opportunity for a burgeoning Renaissance of that universal characteristic of mankind.  Which is the  same characteristic that Alexander Hamilton, or even John Winthrop or Abraham Lincoln, recognize, was the absolute essence of this country.  It was this upward sense of progress, of a creative nature of mankind, through manufacturing, through industry, through science, through the development, through a compassionate concern of your fellow-man, that that passion actually brings for the sense of industry and production that’s never motivated by greed or personal profit.  It’s a higher sense of mission that brings out the higher sense of productivity in any population or any individual.  That’s why  Lyndon LaRouche has represented and led this kind political fight.

And it is that reason that this next six days — if you think of this:  There are many groups that opposed Bush and Cheney.  Actually there weren’t, at first.  People who were around remember, we had the Children of Satan pamphlet set. And Democrats weren’t too happy with that. Many Democrats ran away as soon as they saw the level of viciousness we went after Dick Cheney with.  Because they were cowards, they were intimidated, they were timid.  But when it broke, there was a mobilization. And there had been some opposition to Obama.  None of that exists today.  We are the single standing opposition to Obama in the United States today.  Every other group — the Republicans were  never in opposition.  Obama is turning to Republicans to salvage his trade program, to salvage his Obamacare, to salvage his murder policy.

The only opposition that exists in the United States still standing, that has not been broken or compromised, is our organization.  And it is this opportunity over the next six days when we can fundamentally change the course of history, you bring down this fascist program, you bring down Obama.  He’s not going to give in, but we certainly can bring him down.

Because you have in essence, a Hitler in the bunker mentality.  He’s going crazy.  His policies are bankrupt.  He’s humiliated on a global stage.  So the question is, is there a sense of tenacity, is there are sense of fight in the American people, a sense of justice, that we can mobilize these six days to make a real, real blow against this kind of fascist takeover of our Presidency, on Obama.  And I would say, whatever we can do, take your sense of what this country can become, take your sense of the ideal, and let’s fight for that, now, with urgency, because it’s never been more important.

Q:  [Daniel Burke]  In the spirit of what you’ve been communicating here, Mike, about the next six days, I want to tell everyone a short story about what happened last year, at our UN General Assembly organizing, which I think conveys a certain sense of a proper mindset as we go into it.  People may remember, because it’s funny, David Cameron is completely out; he’s gone. And there’s very little coverage of this in the United States, or they’re emphasizing the completely wrong thing.  But this is a massive change, that comes shortly after Tony Blair got completely embarrassed — and Jessica and I know something about his recent experiences.

But it was a year ago, on the street that we had this fantastic rally at 42nd and Third Ave., where we were crossing 42nd on either side of the street; and thanks to some of our people we had a 12 foot high banner that said, “Obama Help World Peace:  Resign.”  And we had major banner saying, “Welcome President Xi, Welcome President Putin.” And there was a young woman who was organizing with our movement at the time, whose family had immigrated from Africa, and she was standing on the side of 42nd St. when David Cameron walked up the street with his security detail and she was about 5 feet from him, and people may remember what was happening at the time, a year ago, in the tabloids about Cameron. There was a particular revelation about his activities at university.  And she said to him, “Hey Dave! Where’s your pig?”  And he forced a laugh out, and then kept walking.  And I just think that’s a good representation of really what it’s like to be a part of the Manhattan Project, and what our approach should be.  Because I completely agree that we have six days to change the world.

But I want to actually bring up another question that you’ve been alluding to today, which is the nature of the breakdown of the economy. And we could talk a little bit more about how that is related to the overall strategic situation.  Because, by contrast, on the one side you have this week, the whole country was abuzz with a ridiculous series of lies that came out from Obama on the economy, which, if you were listening to the major media, like National Public Radio or something, everyone was talking about it:  poverty is down, things are better than ever; and on the other side, on Thursday morning, China just launched the Tiangong-2, which means Heavenly Palace 2, which is the space laboratory that they’re putting up there.  And they’re discussing immediately the prospects of sending taikonauts from China up into orbit for over a year at a time, within a matter of four or five years.

So it seems to me that this in a certain sense it’s difficult to grasp how mammoth the distinction is between the crisis that’s going on now, and the potential in Asia. I wonder if you have any comments?

STEGER:  I’d say from a strategic standpoint, for too long, people have let money define their identity.  And that’s actually the problem we’re facing.  The poverty that exists in this country today, is far worse than just the lack of education, the lack of infrastructure.  These things are real:  We have a real physical breakdown in the United States.  Even the Harvard Business School can recognize these are absolute lies, and are almost shocked at the level of political disconnect that the Washington Post and Federal statistics suppose.

But for too many of the American people, their value is somehow based on the amount of money that they have, and that is not wealth.  Wealth is far more what we saw over this last weekend:  Those firefighters and their families that walked out of that church on Sunday, were enriched.  They came out far more wealthy out of that performance than they walked in, and that’s true for all of the participants across the country who participated in the mobilization for that quality of intervention.  Because what is human life?  What are we actually discussing here?  That’s what China is beginning to capture.  And it seems like they’ve inspired some of their friends in the Philippines, to recognize that same thing.  That we’re not going to just take a little bit of money, your money’s not worth much, the dollar’s not worth much these days, internationally.  We’re finding that our very quickly.  Besides the fact that we print it, it just doesn’t bring the same sense of value, as the young man indicated earlier.

So the question of real value, real wealth, a real  sense of richness inside human culture and inside an individual existence, comes in the participation for these kinds of political fights today:  To bring down this Obama murder racket, to expose it. It’s far worse than Richard Nixon’s; this is by far the nastiest murder operation this country has ever seen.  And it needs to be exposed and it needs to be shut down and acted upon, now.

And Congress has no right, at all, to even consider leaving, until they override his threatened veto.  This has to become law and Obama has to be exposed for the very fact that he is a traitor to his country, to the American people, and even to the Democratic Party.  Because it’s been discussed, and Jeff raised this on the webcast last night:  Democrats are very concerned Obama would even think about doing this, even vetoing it before an election!  There is a level of political fight on this question, far beyond what many people are willing to consider, but from our standpoint, from the highest standpoint, we are representing what we know is a potential new paradigm with a sense of value of human identity, the sense of what real economics is, is established, from a scientific standpoint.

And that’s far beyond just a fight with Obama.  This is something far greater that we’ve worked at for decades, and everyone in that room is participating in.  And so I think that really has got to be the focus over these next six days.

Q:  Hi Michael, it’s Alvin here.  This weekend, this process that Lyn initiated of the Manhattan Project, as  you know and a lot of people here know, took a major move forward;  sandwiched in between the four concerts were two very straightforward  and powerful  presentations in particular of that conference: I thought both Sen. Richard Black and the UN Ambassador from Syria [Bashar Ja’afari], where they held up a very broke, yet accurate mirror for Americans to look at themselves, and a clearer picture on how the British hand is the dark hand behind all of this, particularly the sick Obama.  But in the process of helping out and being a part of this, one of the things, particularly with the Sunday,  — all of them — but particularly with the Sunday one, around the Mass — and I’m not a religious person, Catholic or anything — but it’s something you struggle against, but was about to come out. And that was,  well, the only way I can put it, is that through this process, — Lyn’s talked to us before about how being a “good guy” doesn’t cut it; but I felt truly human, truly moved, that sense of agapë, and a desperation to have peace, and a willingness then, through that tenderness I felt to actually fight for it at any cost.  And I wanted to share that, talk about that.

We have a big week coming out; we have a murderer that we can perhaps drive out of the White House. So I do celebrate what happened to me and I know what happened to a lot of people, because this was, I think the highest level of humanity that I’ve experienced in a long time, and it was through music.

And so, we’re moving forward, and I’d just like your guidance, as all the other leadership here, in the  Manhattan Project, to how we must continue to think and act in the coming short period.

STEGER:  I can say something brief, and then I think Diane and Dennis may have something as well. But what you’ve just reported, my response would be that that is ultimately what Lyn is raising on the Einstein principle.  That that quality that you’re referencing of your own sense of humanity and a fight for not just the individuals involved and as the Bishop referenced in the discussion even in the Mass on Sunday; but as the firefighters represented as an institution, it’s not just sacrificing yourself for friends, but it’s for the unknown.  But that quality, that willingness to go beyond what is acceptable because it’s necessary, because it’s truthful, because it’s good. It’s not what people expect, it’s not what people think is possible, and yet, it’s actually what defines us as  being human.

And that quality, that quality of creative inspiration dedicated towards a much greater conception, of what are we participating in? I mean, that higher religious notion, “what’re we actually participating in? What is this thing?  What is this thing called human life?  What is this Universe?”  You know, you go the same job every day, you come home, you eat dinner in the same kitchen.  There’s a routine to things.  You can kind of be dissuaded to think that life is just this kind of monotony.  But you experience those kinds of moments and you realize there is something far greater, and the question is, can you fight for that every day? Can that quality be there, as a driving force? Because from my conception, I think also from Lyn’s, that is the political force we’re operating on:  That’s what gives us our power.  Our small numbers, our limited finances, and yet, we have great, great power, because of that quality of inspiration that’s available to the human mind.

So those are my thoughts, and Dennis and Diane might have others.

SPEED:  Yeah, I’d  like to say one thing about this.  Of course, the setting on Sunday was a religious setting.  But there was a certain miracle that was performed there on Sunday, and it had to do with John Sigerson.  It was the approach he took, to giving both the audience and implicitly the United States and other areas by means of the broadcast of the performance, a look inside the mind of Mozart.

Now, this wasn’t being done as a performance.  It was being done, as a very important gift to a group of people we didn’t know; we didn’t know the firefighters.  And the firefighters do what was said by Bishop DiMarzio:  They save the lives of strangers, and they give their lives, not for their friends but for strangers.  So doing that, the people who do that tend to be religious.  Because the truth is any day they can die in that line of work; in one sense, it’s a vocation.

But what did we have to do?  Now, we had to do something which is discussed in part by Percy Shelley.  But the reason we know this, is that LaRouche used to discuss this with us back in 1973, and even earlier, when he was trying to get us to understand how we could politically organize.  We were a bunch of students  who were generally unfamiliar with the real world.  We had to organize the real world at a time when there was a collapse of the United States that had begun. And one of the things that would go on, and Lyn addressed this, was, you’d go to a meeting and a group of strangers, and as you began to speak, different words would come out of your mouth than you wanted to come out of your mouth; you would see rats you wouldn’t see other human beings. And you would flinch; you would act out of cowardice, and you would say what you thought would be acceptable or was practical to say.

He introduced us to the idea of Shelley’s Defense of Poetry in this context.  So Lyn never thought about and never does think about the idea of poetry or music as being passive, academic, detached, or removed from the most powerful weapon that is available to mankind.  This is an important thing to understand, because that’s what John  had to respond to, as the flags of the day came into the cathedral. Because remember, what that means, what the firemen are doing when they do that, they’re marching from the scene of Ground Zero, with the flag, because they’re bringing the dead home, whose bodies they never found.

That’s what happened first.

Now, then, Sigerson is required, as the conductor, as the director, to evoke, from the chorus and from the orchestra, the real Mozart.  And that was the miracle that was performed in our response, through the Requiem, to this fact.

Now, this is a culture with which Barack Obama I daresay is unfamiliar.  He has no access to it.  He has denied himself as a human being, to the access to that, if he ever thought he should have access to that.

The war we’re fighting, is a war to give the American people back their soul, which they can’t get back unless they’re going to fight this guy, including specifically this week.  There’s something that Shelley says in A Defense of Poetry, I just want to refer to it here, because I think what Mike referred to around Einstein is important to stay with for a minute, to think about in what way that process of Einstein’s thinking about Mozart — of course, that was his favorite musician;  as a violinist he often talked about Mozart.  Shelley says this:  “A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.  There is this difference between a story and a poem.  A story is a catalogue of detached facts which have no other connection than time, place, circumstance, cause and effect.  The other, the poem, is the creation of actions according to the unchangeable forms of human nature, as existing in the mind of the creator, which is itself the image of all other minds.”

Now, that is what got presented through the Requiem. The problem of organizing, is that what must be presented to the person you’re organizing is a poetic principle, not a story. People get caught up in trying to tell people good stories; and why they ought to support this, or why they should support that, “because, you see, this connects to that, and because this connects to that, that means that we’re right about this.  And therefore, since you agree with us because we’re right about this, you ought to…”

One of the things that Lyn cautioned us about just before this meeting today was, be direct about the issue of Obama.  What is it?  There was a mass murder committed.  The people of the United States wish to see this addressed.  The families of the victims, have taken an action, and the Congress has responded to that; Obama wishes to impede that response.  If he decides to do that, he must pay the consequences of that, and that must be said by the American people collectively.  And that this week.

That is poetry.  That is music.  That is Mozart, and that is the significance of the way that Einstein thought.  You change the world according to a principle, and you cause people to be elevated by that change of principle, to a universal, to their universal selves.  At that point, they’re human — and when they aren’t doing that, they ain’t.

And that’s what you went through, and that’s what we’re proud about.  Our organization is a sanctuary for the great minds of history.  But you have to be able to evoke the true presence of those minds, and that’s what John did through that performance.  But it wasn’t a performance, that’s the point.  It was a miracle.

Q:  I noticed that at Union Square right now, there’s an anti-TPP event going on, that I caught wind of, so I thought I should just mention that, before I go into my main thing, which has to do with Trump and Putin.  And I’ve been tempted, I must admit, I never liked anything about Donald Trump, and my head is still spinning that it was he who’s been  — I don’t have to tell this crowd, viciously attacked, Red-baited even as Comrade Trump in the Daily News, etc., etc.  And I’ve been able to go on one of these AM right-wing stations that loves Trump and actually engage in a serious discussion about why people should stop hating Putin. And does this not give us some kind of opening to share our own thoughts, however much we hate Trump?

STEGER:  All of this chatter is irrelevant.  That’s my perspective. All of this chatter, all of this whole thing,  — the problem is it’s seductive, people get seduced into dealing with this, because they think maybe there’s an option there. It’s probably because we’ve been so poorly educated, because our culture is so undeveloped, that we’re so easily deceived by this kind of gossip chatter of what’s taking place.  Trump’s not a legitimate Presidential campaign.  It’s not.  It’s illegitimate. It’s not even — this whole thing is a political fraud.  It’s a criminal fraud against the American people.

So I think the question at stake is, can we take our intervention to a domain which our enemies have no access to? And this is really the question, the question of the battle for the human mind.  That’s where the war takes place.  The war takes place on a much higher cultural level.  Because on any other level, the enemy dominates it:  They have the resources, they have the financing, they have the media, information warfare. What they don’t have, is what we brought over the course of that weekend with these concerts.  What they don’t have is a governing sense that their life’s commitment to a sense of truth and justice far outweighs any materialistic or set of experiences that one might pursue.  They don’t have control over your sense of immortality, they don’t have control over your sense of mind and identity.  And yet, that is really the compelling power of human history. To the extent mankind prevails, it prevails according to that kind of conception.

So I don’t think that Trump provides anything, except maybe a few moments of humor.  But it’s a very criminal clown-show, otherwise.  And what’s happening with Hillary Clinton  — all of this.  You know what Trump is?  Trump is Obama’s legacy.  That’s all it is.  The whole thing is choreographed.  The whole thing is Obama’s fascist program of mass murder being handed the baton, and that’s why you see Hillary Clinton collapsing.  Because Obama is going to destroy her!  He’s always intended to destroy her, and they are finishing the job now.  Because he’ll kill — anyone he has access to he will kill.  They’ve nearly tried to destroy our organization.  Obama’s campaign targetted our organization explicitly.

They also targetted — you remember Cass Sunstein,  who is Samantha Power’s New York,  — unfortunately, she probably lives around the New York area right now, which is unfortunate for you guys.  But Cass Sunstein was the guy who said, “we’re going to target the 9/11 truth groups, specifically,” to prevent the kind of mobilization we now have.  Because as Jeff Steinberg laid out in on the Saturday conference at the event he spoke at, the 28 pages, the JASTA bill, the murder program of Obama, the cover-up for the British-Saudi nexus, the Al Yamamah deal, all of this is right now is the front, core and center of a fight to bring down this administration, and shut down a fascist coup against our Presidency, which was 9/11.

But the way we do that is of a much higher quality, and that’s what’s got to govern our actions.  We’ve got to take what happened last weekend and bring that to bear now, into the political process of the United States.  And we don’t have time to wait, because the next six days are as essential as any of the coming days ahead, to fundamentally create a new Presidency.  So that would be my approach towards the ongoing seduction of “should we somehow try to deal with the Presidential elections?” Unless you’ve got a big trashbag, there’s not much else we can do.

SARE:  Just on both questions, the previous and this one. I was thinking of a movie I saw a few years ago called, “The Realm of the Lobster.”  I’m sure people here haven’t seen it.  But it’s a documentary about lobsters, what they do.  And, having grown up in Maine, it’s of interest.  After I saw this film, I was more than happy to stick a live lobster into a pot of boiling water. Because, what you see by the activity of these very prehistoric creatures, is that there’s absolutely nothing redeeming about them.  They don’t have personalities, they’re not warm and cuddly; they will eat each other’s young;  they will fight each other’s claws off; in a word, they are not human.

Now, I bring that up because that goes together with something Frederick Douglass said in his autobiography, which is that the system of slavery was designed to make people believe that they were animals.  So you did everything to people to try and convince them that they were actually beasts.  Breaking up the family, physical beatings, starvation, deprivation, absolutely do not teach a slave how to read; make sure they don’t learn much English or anything; and see if you can beat the human quality out of them.  I bring this up, because the question I think we all should have in our minds, is, as was asked earlier, how is it that the United States has been allowed to come to this point?  That is, why didn’t we rise up when the photographs came out of Abu Ghraib?  And the torture being inflicted by Americans? Didn’t you think about what was being done to our soldiers who participated in this?!  Not only the people who were tortured, but the people carrying out the torture?

Or, the people who are now trying to file suits, who are the drone operators; who are sitting in a comfy base in Germany somewhere, with their cross-hairs on weddings and parties, and killing people indiscriminately.

And what you see is that, there’s a degree we have substantially lost our humanity.  And this was not accidental, and it didn’t happen recently.  Dennis knows a great deal about something called the Congress for Cultural Freedom:  At the end of World War II, because the intent was for the United States to go fascist.  That is, you had Hitler, you had Mussolini, you had Franco, all of Europe had gone fascist.  And the American population did not go fascist, they elected Franklin Roosevelt who was nearly assassinated before he took office.

So the question was, how do you get the American people to go fascist? Well, how about, you create a culture, which destroys what is human in them. And they did it, very specifically through the arts, through music; the Beatles were the beginning of an operation, although they weren’t the beginning, because the operation began much earlier with people like Franz Liszt and others, who attacked the whole school of Classical composition. But what people call today “music,” “rock music,”  “rap music” — it’s not simply that the words are anti-human, it is the entire construction of the music which is designed to turn you into an animal.

And if you think you are an animal, and you think that your fellow human beings are animals, well, then there’s nothing wrong with torturing them, or killing them with drones, or putting them on drugs, or breeding them, or declaring that someone is superior because they come from a particular blood line or anything like that.  And that is how we’ve come to here.

But even after doing all of that, it is the case that people are still human, just as we see from the music of the so-called “slaves,” the Spirituals that they sang, that as much as the attempt was made to bestialize them, they were actually, extraordinarily human and creative, and more human and creative than the people who were trying to impose the bestiality upon them.

So that what has occurred here, which is why a month or so ago when Patrick Servidio raised the question to Mr. LaRouche about what can we do about these people who died on September 11th?  And Mr. LaRouche said, “a Living Memorial,” and that Americans should experience the humility of the fact that we allowed a great crime to occur in broad daylight, which we all know occurred, and we did not act, to redress it or to prevent such a thing from ever occurring again.  That we went along with the Bush administration, who lied, who used a so-called witness who had been tortured into saying that Saddam Hussein was tied to al-Qaeda, and that became the reason that somehow an atrocity in which 15 of 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, we were told that the Saudis were our allies and we had to invade Iraq.  What we did in Yemen, what Obama’s now attempting to do to Syria; that we have to reach the quality of our fellow Americans which is human, because when you recognize that you are human, then, such injustice and such lies become unbearable and intolerable.

That’s what happened in Berlin in 1989; that’s why people in Berlin were prepared to be mowed over by tanks, because they said, living as a beast, living under the Stasi, where one out of three people were spying and the economy is collapsing, is not fit for a human being.  And I would rather be human and partake of a quality of immortality which is unique to human beings, than to live as an animal.  And this is where people like Martin Luther King, or Joan of Arc, whom we consider, rightly, courageous, what is the source of their courage?  Because their identity lies in that which is human and not that which is bestial.

So what occurred this weekend, and we saw it, is, in fact, in spite of 15 years of lies, in spite of 15 years of terror, from the news media and others being inflicted on the American population, that the population is indeed still human and is actually capable of responding to something which is profoundly beautiful.  And I think this is what each of us has to consider going forward, that if you hold onto the thought of what Einstein understood, as Mike said, or what Beethoven understood, or what H.T. Burleigh, who arranged one of the Spirituals we performed understood; what they understood about the nature of man, then you will not compromise; then you will not go along with things which are designed to lower the identity of man to something less than human.  And it’s in that spirit, that we should take the next week, as Mike said, that we have a particular gift which has been given to us by Obama’s threat to veto the JASTA bill, and we can change the entire country by making this, what his intent is, very clear to the American population.

Q:  Today is Constitution Day, “Happy Birthday, U.S.A.”  How does the principle of Hamilton relate to solving the crisis we are discussing now?

STEGER:  I think it’s what do we do over the next six days, in the memory of Alexander Hamilton is probably the question we should be asking ourselves?  What Hamilton did was not only singlehandedly organize the Constitution, but he was at the Battle of Yorktown, which was a months-long kind of conflict, so there might be some people there that can give you a sense of it. But, of General Greene, Nathaniel Greene, basically taunting Cornwallis throughout the southern states, of the Carolinas.  And eventually they ended up in Yorktown. And it was Alexander Hamilton who put himself on the front lines, digging the trenches, to basically put that town and fort under siege to end the British attempt to shut down the American Revolution and establish this higher conception of a nation; what Cusa and people around Cusa, like Brunelleschi and others had shaped as an idea of what mankind can become, with a nation dedicated to unending human progress.  And Hamilton grasped that.  He grasped it, not because he was provided a great education, or because he was given perfect circumstances in which to develop.  He got it because he had a sense of that human creative spirit that was inside him, and he recognized that that was what defined humanity.

And I think that question, we’re looking at that kind of culminating fight today, now, over these coming six days, these coming weeks to define a new Presidency.  So, then we have to ask ourselves, are we going to abide by that Hamilton principle which has shaped the country and given us this opportunity today.

Those are my thoughts.  Diane and Dennis might have more, since this is a critical aspect of the Manhattan Project.

SPEED:  That really covered it, because that’s exactly what distinguishes Hamilton: his actions.  Yes, he was a great intellectual, but, he was an artillery officer.  That’s what he was.  He was a very trusted adjutant of George Washington; he fought in every element of the Revolution.  It’s sort of funny, people talk about Che Guevara or Fidel or these other people, but Hamilton, what he did is exemplary. And his work in New York on the Constitution was critical to founding the country, I think that’s really the answer.  And that’s what we’re doing.

Obama is violating the United States Constitution, by his mere presence in office. And if you want to celebrate Alexander Hamilton, the best way to do it, is to get rid of Barack Obama. Because that will bring the U.S. Constitution back into focus.

Q:  Good afternoon.  My question, we already [known the involvement of the] British and Saudi Arabia in Iraq and 9/11. And we already know, Saudi Arabia is not modern country;  but China and Russia is modern country.  Why Russia and China are not our ally, and why is Saudi Arabia our ally?

STEGER:  That’s the question?  I got that, sure.  That’s what we’re going to change.  That’s what we’ve got to do these next six days.  Whatever you can do to help, that’s what’s essential.  Because the fundamental policy changing, and there’s this question: We’ve been going down for 50 years, since they killed Kennedy. And the leading push going for an  upward push going for an upward conception of mankind. Because you don’t push mankind up from the bottom, at least it’s not a very pleasing aspect of going up.

You aloft people, you set a higher tone, by which they strive for.  And I think that’s the question today, we’ve got to strive for a higher conception of the nation, that manifests itself today, an immediate political fight to bring down this Presidency, to expose Obama for the murderer he is.  If you have a sense of how this guy has been killing people, under the Bush-Cheney and under the Obama tyrannies, we’ve been participating in a policy and culture of mass murder, and how that’s absolutely wrong. But not only that, but that when you open that up, when you actually expose that, you expose it to the population, and you free people from that tyranny, we can unleash a quality of development in this country and around the world that mankind has never seen before because of allies like Russia, and China, and India.

That potential today is far greater.  And the biggest question, I think, for Americans, in general, all Americans, is: Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to fight for real victory?  Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to conceive of the ideal man, to shed your cynicism, to shed all your excuses? Because in these kinds of moments that’s what makes us great as a people, or small and insufficient, that question.  To really fight for what mankind can become.  That’s what defines this kind of period, and if we’re going to bring Obama down.

Q: This is Phil [rubinstein]. I have a quick question, because we also have an appeal — that’s in The Hamiltonian coming out, it’s on the website — from Helga Zepp-LaRouche to the United Nations, which goes really to what’s happened, really on a global scale, which I think is important for people when they bring up a lot of the questions that have come up so far. The G20 meeting, the Vladivostok meeting, and now we have the UN General Assembly is opening now, and Helga has put out this appeal. [ assembly-new-paradigm-common-aims-mankind]

So I think, just asking at what level we’re approaching the UN General Assembly, in conjunction with the other things we’ve talked about so far?

STEGER:  Yeah, that’s good.  I just have a few things and then there can be more said.

Well, I think what stands out in my mind, is that Lyndon LaRouche said there will be an international intervention on the U.S. Presidency; nations like Russia and China and their allies recognize that an intervention is necessary.  And I think what we’ve seen since the beginning of this month, if not earlier, but definitely with these international summits, is that explicitly, of a major intervention into the U.S. Presidency.  And I imagine, from what I understand, though some of these facts aren’t totally clear to me, the United Nations Security Council meeting this coming week will be heads of state; Putin and Xi Jinping will not be speaking at the General Assembly, but they will be likely confronting Obama. Because you now have a House of Commons report exposing the fact that it was Obama who led the fight to violate the Security Council agreement, I believe it was Resolution 1973, that it was not going to be regime change in Libya, it was just to protect civilians.  And so Russia and China instead of vetoing it, simply abstained; this is 2011.  This has now been exposed that that was a complete fraud and a lie!  This wasn’t documented by RT or Sputnik, this was the British House of Commons who had the guts to recognize or to make this clear!  And that’s now a fact on the table that now has to be addressed.

So this is the environment Obama’s now walking into.  So his duplicity, his hypocrisy, his narcissistic psychosis, this is going to be on broad display, as he tries to deal with the migrant question which is largely stemming from the collapsing of Libya and Syria, two of the major crimes Obama has committed.

Then at the same time, you’ve got the Philippines standing up on their own and denouncing Obama, whether it be the colorful language of their President, or perhaps more the more strong statement from their foreign minister.  And apparently, el-Sisi of Egypt will be making a very strong statement at the UNGA on the question of, that the real terrorist question is the question of economic development, and that obviously Egypt is participating directly with Russia on nuclear power and an overall development potential for North Africa.  So these things are culminating.

Because the Presidency is not a domestic institution, as Lyndon LaRouche stated in his first Presidential campaign:  We start this election campaign with 5 billion votes.  I think we’ve got about 7 billion today; I think we should usher those 7 billion votes into the next six weeks and more of political activity.

SPEED:  I was told you have some follow-up?  Go ahead. We’ll just make this the closing.

Q: [follow-up] [C—M—] It’s me again.  I just had one more question; it’s a little different than I asked earlier.  I have a question about the Federal Reserve.  I know for a long time, that the dollar bill no longer runs on the gold standard any more, and the Federal Reserve has pretty much hijacked this country since 1913, a hundred and three years ago.  And I was wondering, I recall that four years ago, former Congressman Ron Paul tried to pass the bill known as the Transparency Act to audit the Federal Reserve.  And he got 310 signatures from the representatives against 98 and that was more than what he needed.  But it didn’t pass through unfortunately.

My question is, is there a chance that the Federal Reserve can be audited despite the fact that since it has destroyed the dollar bill and made it worthless to what it is today?

STEGER:  I would just say very briefly.  Don’t get distracted:  Bring down the entire Wall Street system.  Don’t decided to pick some  — don’t bite at their heels right now. Bring ’em down.  Shut down this fascist system; don’t look for legislative practices, for tactical approaches.  We are at the point where we can bring down this British fascist system, that Obama is the leading agent on the planet.  Cameron basically ran out of Westminster in the dark of night to escape the shame he was going to face.  Tony Blair has been shamed.  Bush and Cheney are hiding somewhere, doing bad drawings of flowers.  Let Obama face the trials for mass murder he’s committed!  Let him face that threat!  Send him back to some pineapple garden in Hawaii somewhere!  But shame this guy and do it over these coming days, and bring down this system.

The Glass-Steagall fight, those questions are there.  Let’s not get distracted.  Let’s actually have a sense of winning this war, because we can bring in a new system in the coming weeks: That’s possible and that’s what we should endeavor for.

Q: [follow-up] Thank you, again!

SPEED:  OK, We’re going to conclude our dialogue for this week.  Thank you very much Mike, for what you did today.

STEGER:  Thanks, have fun!

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