First JASTA — Now, Pass Glass-Steagall!

LaRouchePAC activists rally in front of the White House for the Justice Against State Sponsor of Terrorism Act. Obama’s JASTA veto is overturned by Congress with unprecedented bipartisan support. 9/20/2016 [Image / Jason Ross / All Rights Reserved]



Five days ago, Lyndon LaRouche issued marching orders for the urgent tasks immediately facing the nation: “Override the JASTA Veto; Oust Obama; Pass Glass-Steagall.” We reported at the time that “the next 72 hours are decisive for JASTA and Obama’s fate, and with it the fate of the United States and the planet.”

LaRouche was right. With Wednesday’s humiliating defeat of Obama in the Senate and House votes to override his veto of the JASTA bill, we achieved our first objective. “This looks good; this was a very good move!” Lyndon LaRouche commented today, adding: This is now a closed item which cannot be reversed. It happened; it was right; and it is going to stick.

We have achieved a victory that is already creating a fundamental strategic shift in the country and internationally, a shift that the U.S. population is only beginning to sense, and which is not displayed in the current Presidential election circus.

Today we press on: Congress must be organized to pass Glass-Steagall immediately, as the first step towards overall economic reorganization, before the entire trans-Atlantic system blows apart. And there is no time at all left to act: Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, is sinking like a stone and is facing a massive speculative “shorting” assault by vulture funds and the likes of George Soros, who are betting that the German government can be forced to bail out the bank—i.e., the speculators holding short positions—to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. And Deutsche Bank is only the tip of the iceberg of the entire, derivatives-sodden trans-Atlantic banking system.

As for Obama and the fate that awaits him, LaRouche today forcefully reminded people to never forget Obama’s responsibility, not only for covering up and defending (like Bush before him) the British/Saudi terrorists who launched 9/11, but for the numbers of American citizens and others he executed during his Tuesday killing sprees—the secret meetings in the White House where he personally decided who would be killed by American drone strikes. These killings are characteristic of Obama, LaRouche stated, who is a butcher in the likeness of his step-father. Obama is a mass murderer in every scale; and yet people bowed down to him and admired his as an authority.

“Obama is really evil,” LaRouche said, and he has to be removed from office immediately. Obama represents a deep font of evil, who simply murdered many American citizens and others. And there was no significant response to oppose those crimes, LaRouche stated. Now, with what has begun with the JASTA override, we can finally get rid of this murderer of American citizens and others. “Those are the facts,” LaRouche insisted.

The politically bloodied Obama has likewise decided to escalate his confrontation with Russia and China to the snapping point. Yesterday, State Department spokesman John Kirby threatened to unleash terrorism inside Russia, if Putin does not bow to Obama’s alliance with terrorists inside Syria. The Russian response to the threat was prompt, unflinching, and accurate: “We can’t consider it anything else but de facto support of terrorists by the U.S.,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated.

Now that the American people, and their representatives in Washington, have a taste of how Obama’s evil policies can be stopped at a moment’s notice, let’s send him packing—and pass FDR’s Glass-Steagall bill immediately.

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