LaRouche: We Need a Revolution in the Idea of Science to Survive!

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In discussion yesterday with the Policy Committee, the Basement and others, Lyndon LaRouche declared that, unless we can develop the minds of human beings in new ways, by making new discoveries of scientific principles, we will not survive. The power to create new kinds of science is the key to mankind, and this is too little known, as the result of centuries of cultural degeneration, where all the focus was, at best, on gimmicks and skills. There has been a sustained induced degeneration of the human mind, to where new things are never considered. We must revive science–and the exploration of space is one key. This is the immediate, important issue above all others. Mankind has been stupefied by its culture, and now the time has come where we have to approach real science. Without it we cannot make it.

We have the capacity to change the rules of planetary existence and so a more profound campaign is needed. We must revive the Einstein principle. This is what humanity needs. Do the impossible! Einstein’s most advanced work, which few understand, was on how mankind can develop mankind, by adopting the right rules. We must now get out from under what the past has done to us all.

We must revolutionize the idea of science because that is what the United States and Europe have lost. Some parts of the world, like China, have been studying things of a higher order. China, for example, is developing the back of the Moon project and this is very important. This aspect of the Chinese scientific work is the best thing, to convey to people the spirit of this urgently needed change in the method of thinking. The Moon still has features that are largely unknown to us. China is exploring those unknowns and this is the mentality that must be the focus of our effort to revive true science. We have to move the population into new areas which give them the power to think, once again.

Of course, we have to concern ourselves with critical issues like the danger of thermonuclear war, the collapse of Deutche Bank and the imminent collapse of the entire global financial system unless Glass Steagall is immediately implemented–but unless attention is riveted on this more profound question of altering mankind’s diminished creativity, and invoking a new scientific outlook, there is no future.

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