Moblize for LaRouche’s Four Laws; — Mobilize for Mankind’s Future

Helga Zepp-LaRouche speaking on the necessity to end geopolitics and adopt the World Landbridge project at the Schiller Institute 30th Anniversary Conference in Germany.



We are poised on the cusp of a double, deadly crisis immediately facing humanity. A total blowout of the derivatives-sodden trans-Atlantic financial system could happen at any time over the course of the month of October, of this coming week, or even as early as this Monday, October 10. It will not take much to set off the equivalent of a thermonuclear chain reaction in the financial domain. The system is that far gone—as every informed international banker knows, but almost none are prepared to admit out loud.

And then there is the drive to launch war—thermonuclear war—against Russia, that is being pushed by a defeated and desperate Barack Obama, on behalf of his British controllers. Senior American intelligence professionals are openly decrying this as “extraordinarily provocative and dangerous,” and warn that “there’s almost a collective madness that is taking hold of many Americans…from Barack Obama on down.”

“Will it be civilization or will it be the bankers’ cartel which comes out on top of this crisis?” Helga Zepp-LaRouche asked on Sunday in a discussion with LaRouche movement organizers. “We have to get going for Glass-Steagal, because that, together with LaRouche’s Four Laws, is the only remedy against the danger of a meltdown of the system.”

In that same discussion, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that victory can be achieved. “The current system has run out. But the point is, there are also reserves which could be developed, that is, by an aggressive program of development.” LaRouche stressed the Hamiltonian approach supplied by his Four Laws, which alone can reverse the breakdown crisis that the planet is facing. He emphasized that the tremendous defeat that the American people delivered to Obama with the Congressional override of his JASTA veto, shows what can be done.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche elaborated:

This situation is more serious than the JASTA bill, because much, much more is at stake. So mobilize the networks which did the JASTA bill, and as one of the 9/11 family members said: The aim of this mobilization is not just what happened in the past, but that justice must be done also for future generations.”You have to evoke that high spirit of the concerts, the Mozart Requiem, the spirituals, and that power which was able to move people during our mobilization. Because if the United States would implement Glass-Steagall and Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws, then the world can be saved. You have to have that mission in mind.

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