What We Need in 2016: — Alexander Hamilton’s Principles, LaRouche’s Four Laws



The degradation of the U.S. presidential campaign is pressing down like a stone on the chest of, not just the American people, but the world. Americans are reporting they have “election stress” at the extreme levels usually only caused by the worst events of economic collapse or war.

The media with all its “sound and fury signifying nothing” is intentionally demoralizing Americans about their country’s future. It is intentionally driving their representatives to hide in deep partisan foxholes — who, just over a month ago, were able to unite in a great victory over Saudi/British sponsorship of Islamic terrorism, defeating President Obama’s attempts to block or veto the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.

What the nation and the world need, instead, is to “elect principles”: the principles of economy of Alexander Hamilton on which this nation was founded.

Hamilton’s principles of economy are expressed afresh in Lyndon LaRouche’s development since 2014 of “Four Laws to Save the United States.” They are natural law applied to economics.

This is actually an international matter; the world needs to adopt Hamilton’s works, and LaRouche’s Four Laws, as China has begun to demonstrate. The “Deutsche Banks” of the trans-Atlantic countries are ready to blow out the London-centered financial system and spread worse poverty than the 2008 crash did. The threat of collapse is leading to threats of war with Russia, coming from Obama and the British.

What can prevent this, is restored economic progress and productivity around the world. Alexander Hamilton’s principles did this — uniquely — from the founding of the United States. As President George Washington noted in a 1793 letter, the effect of Hamilton’s policies “had the appearance of a miracle” in raising up the new United States from bankruptcy to rapid investment and growth.

LaRouche’s Four Laws reapply Hamilton’s principles now.

American citizens should write in LaRouche’s name at the presidential ballot box to stand for the re-adoption of Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, as LaRouche has reclarified them.

“I’m writing in LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton, let’s get the nation to elect the right principles” will cut through the dread with which Americans are questioning each other about the approach of Election Day. The only option for survival of the United States and the world economy, is offered by Hamilton’s principles as clarified by LaRouche’s Four Laws. Decide the future.

Don’t ‘wait and see’ what happens in this election:

Get Active Today

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