Choose Principle

Washington with Jefferson and Hamilton, located in the Senate Reception Room in the US Capitol Building. Mural by Constantino Brumidi. [Architect of the Capitol]


The United States continues to devolve into fear and disillusionment at a truly frightening pace, while the rest of the world is watching in shock. The President is spending his remaining days bragging about his legacy, while his Defense Department wages multiple wars and drone killings worldwide and prepares for war on Russia and China; as his Obamacare plan collapses across the country leaving millions unable to obtain any health care at all; as his multi-trillion dollar bail out of Wall Street has created a far larger derivative bubble than existed before the 2008 crash; as real unemployment and underemployment remains greater than before the crash and are increasing at an alarming rate.

It is clear to the vast majority of the nation that the election is not providing answers to this existential crisis facing the nation and the world. Although the leaders of China and Russia are providing leadership to the world through the New Silk Road development process, and through a serious war on terrorism and drug trafficking, the U.S., Lyndon LaRouche said on Monday, needs some direction on law and principle.

The issue of an election, he said, is not the person named on the ballot, but the principle carried by the candidates in the election process. “What you have to do, is you have to use the principle as such, and this is often not done, or it’s done badly, in election campaigns. The point here is to get the election of the principle, and let the principle define what the action is…. It’s not the person; it’s the principle, and the principle is carried by the person. If the thing is done competently, that is what works.”

Never in the nation’s history has it been more urgent that the founding principles of the nation, as discovered by Alexander Hamilton, be restored. “Hamilton’s tradition and his policies, are policies that should be the Presidential policies of the United States,” LaRouche said. “I am now saying that the Alexander Hamilton law, as expressed in my Four Laws, is what has to be done for the nation.”

Those Four Laws, formulated by LaRouche in 2014, call for the immediate restoration of Glass-Steagall, reestablishment of a National Bank of the United States, implementation of directed credit mechanisms through the National Bank, and the use of such credit mechanisms to create infrastructure and basic scientific research and development, centered on rapid development of fusion power and expanded space exploration.

These policies, based on “Hamilton’s tradition and his policies, are policies that should be the Presidential policies of the United States,” LaRouche concluded.

Clearly, these policies do not exist in any form in the candidates now being presented to the American citizenry and the citizens of the world. The crisis facing the nation and the world will not be diminished in any way, regardless of the results of the election as it now stands.

The test for Americans, and for the citizens of all nations, remains the failed President still occupying the White House. Actions such as those taken by President Duterte of the Philippines, who is now in China, disposing of the mythical “China threat” and exposing the imperial presidency in Washington, will not only contribute to peace and development in Asia, but also to inspiring Americans to act on principle, not on the “popular opinion” created by the degraded American media.

Choose principle.

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