Intelligence Questions from Lyndon LaRouche


Lyndon LaRouche posed intelligence questions this weekend to the following general effect.

Obama probably would like to destroy everything.  But perhaps at the same time, he does not think that he has the power, or his advisors suggest that he does not have the power to make an open move.  Or, is he doing a surprise attack by going at a point of attack which other people are not likely to foresee? Those are the issues.  A possible, crucial demonstration of action.

Only one thing is really clear on this matter.  The point is, if they’re trying to pretend not to start a war,—because Obama and the British, in particular, are aware of their military weakness,— and therefore, are they going with a special kind of operation, hoping they can pull a stunt which they could not pull in terms of a normal way of getting into warfare? That’s what the issue is.

What we need to know, is what is the determining feature of action which is significant.  Obviously, Putin has some grasp on this, but Putin is not just going to do that, because what I know of Putin, is that he will simply do the thing which throws the enemy off balance, in the quickest and most efficient way. Because otherwise, he does not want a general warfare.  He wants, if anything, a solution, which means some degree of surrender.

We have to get to the characteristic which suggests that either Obama’s ready to go, or he’s cowardly. Unless you can determine those things, you don’t have a strategic insight.  You have to find out the nature of the condition: are they actually doing things which indicate that they’re moving to potential warfare, or are they just making noises?—because that’s the problem.  And this involves the general idea of traps, military traps.

Part of it is in the inside: Hillary is still the agent for Obama.  The question is, to what degree and in what form is such a potential in place?  What is or is not acting, or seems not to be acting when it might be acting: that’s what you have to look for. And you want to pull something down, and you want to pull something down based on a good economic principle. Because only if you can get economic control among nations, can you control the situation.

Let’s look at it from that standpoint.  Obama’s in a tough situation on his side.  But he’s still acting.  The British system and so forth are still doing these things; they have not quit.  Now, if they have not quit, that means they have not surrendered.  If they have not surrendered, then the war is on.

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