Santos To Confer with Queen Elizabeth on Drug Legalization “Peace”

Buckingham Palace and the Colombian Presidency announced last week that President Juan Manuel Santos has been invited by the Queen for a state visit on Nov. 1-3, the first such by any Colombian president. The subject of the visit? Salvaging the “peace” accord with the narco-terrorist FARC drug cartel which Colombian voters rejected at the polls on Oct. 2.

The British Monarchy, as the leading patron of the global drug trade for centuries, is stepping forward in its own name to save a “peace accord” designed and negotiated under the supervision of Barack Obama and Tony Blair, which was to be a giant step towards re-establishing “legal” narcotics trade globally, as in the heyday of Britain’s Opium Wars. In the process, Colombia’s government, judicial system, military, and economy were to be co-governed by the FARC—to which Colombians said no.

Santos and his wife will stay at Buckingham Palace as a guest of Queen Elizabeth and her Royal Virus, Prince Philip. Among other ceremonies and planning sessions included in this trip is a meeting with ambassadors of seven European nations which backed the failed “peace” agreement; an address to parliamentarians and guests in the Robing Room; tea with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall; a State Dinner at Buckingham Palace, with speeches by Her Majesty and the President; a visit to the London School of Economics (his alma mater); breakfast at Buckingham Palace with British business leaders; lunch with Prime Minister Theresa May at No. 10 Downing Street; “a banquet at Guildhall given by the Lord Mayor, the Lord Mountevans, and the City of London Corporation.”

Santos then will visit Northern Ireland, to exchange views on “post-conflict processes.”

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