Obama Weakening Rapidly vs. Putin and Xi; That Is the Nuclear War Threat

Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi in discussion on October 15, in Benaulim, India. [en.kremlin.ru]



Are you really willing to bet your life that Barack Obama will not start war with Russia (or China) in the three months he has left? The only way to ensure he does not, is a strong bipartisan mobilization to shut him down, force him out, and begin a rapid rebuilding of our wrecked economy, based on the principles of Alexander Hamilton. That will bring America into productive economic cooperation, and space collaboration, with the Asian powers Obama has been trying to provoke into war.

That objective, and not the sorry candidates competing to follow Obama in office, should focus our concentration. The obvious strong pressure on Obama from the British monarchy and allied Conservatives government, for a major retaliation in Syria against Vladimir Putin’s successful intervention there, has set off battles in Obama’s White House over war policy.

Obama clearly wants to show Putin down, and has the same animus toward China’s President Xi, but is incapable of doing anything about it, short of war which can quickly become “the unsurvivable.” But he has advisors and members of his Cabinet, and above all the British, telling him to “risk it.”

Putin, strongly backed by China and India, is in charge in terms of bringing “endless war” to an end in Southwest Asia. Xi’s economic “win-win” policies have left Obama with no Asian allies either for trade war or South China Sea war.

He refuses to join Putin or Xi; neither in peace negotiations, nor in fighting terrorism, nor in building new infrastructure corridors and exploring space.

Lyndon LaRouche summed it up forcefully today: Putin and Xi, particularly Putin are in charge — unless Obama goes to full-out war with them. And Putin will not allow that to happen in the terms Obama thinks of it. “You cannot make compromises with this, or relax on this threat — and there has been some relaxing on it,” LaRouche said. “Shut Obama down, because we have to, to save the nation, to save civilization.”

Experienced sources in Washington now say that Obama is greatly weakened by the explosion of Obamacare and the failure of his Dodd-Frank legislation to stop constant criminal behavior by the Wall Street banks. His Presidency is marked by constant, unsuccessful or downright disastrous wars. Drug and suicide epidemics in America have hit 50 states, and become the number-one concern in many; Obama has — very charitably speaking — done nothing about them.

That is just why the most dangerous of the two major presidential candidates remains Barack Obama. This is not the time to take the pressure off against Obama just when his “legacy-seeking” could kill us.

The priority for this nation remains a bipartisan movement to take Obama’s hands off American military capabilities; and to take charge of economic recovery with Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” based on Hamilton’s principles.


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