Obama’s Opium War on America



Every one of President Obama’s signature programs, starting with Obamacare, has brought nothing but death, destruction and economic ruin to the American people. Today, Obamacare is totally collapsing, as millions of working families, living just above the poverty level, are facing premium hikes of 60-70 percent a year, as coverage shrinks. The so-called millions of Americans, who Obama boasts now, for the first time, have health insurance, are mostly people whose earnings have collapsed to the point that they qualify for Medicaid, the health care program for people living at the poverty level—or who are living slightly above the poverty level and qualify for subsidies. For everyone else, Obamacare is a ticket to reduced medical care, potential early death and impoverishment.

People are dying needlessly because of Obama’s so-called health care reforms, which were written by and for the insurance companies, who are now themselves fleeing from the Obamacare insurance pools because the program is collapsing and the reimbursements are shrinking.

President Obama’s drug enforcement policies, which he got from George Soros and ultimately, from the British Crown, are as murderous, if not worse. The United States has been experiencing an epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths since Obama came into office. In the past week, the {Washington Post} has been reporting on the fact that the Obama Administration, through the Department of Justice, effectively shut down all drug enforcement programs aimed at the major pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors that were cranking out highly addictive opioids and flooding them directly onto the black market, often through unregulated online pharmacies. According to the {Post} account, there were 249 million prescriptions for opioids written in 2015, and overdose deaths have been growing at an annual rate of 15 percent. From 2007 to 2014, deaths due to opioid overdose have tripled in the United States.

Remember President Obama’s 2008 campaign promise that he “owned” the Afghanistan war? The US and NATO are still occupying Afghanistan on behalf of the British Crown, eight years later, while the Taliban, ISIS and the Haqqani network are controlling more and more territory with opium production through the roof. According to a report issued on October 23 from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, opium production this year is up by 43%, to over 4,800 tons, and eradication has been all-but shut down entirely. Afghanistan today produces over 90% of the world’s heroin supply, increasing four-fold from before U.S. occupation!

Officially, the amount of opium captured or eradicated is down by 91 percent over the past year. No wonder, throughout the United States, opioid addicts who can no longer afford prescription OxyContin can buy heroin on the street for a quarter of the price.

Obama is playing a leading role in a new Opium War against the United States, which is ultimately being run out of London.

It is no wonder that Colombian President Santos, who just suffered a humiliating defeat when the Colombian people rejected his rotten amnesty deal with the narco-terrorist FARC guerrillas, is soon to travel to Buckingham Palace, to confer with the British Royals on how to salvage the FARC deal. For the past several years, in anticipation of the amnesty, coca production in the FARC-controlled region of southern Colombia has also skyrocketed.

You cannot possibly consider the consequences of having tolerated eight years of the Obama presidency without adding up this body count. For every innocent person killed abroad by Obama’s drone wars, overseen personally by President Obama through his regular Tuesday “kill sessions” at the White House, how many Americans have died as the direct consequence of the Obamacare fraud and the flooding of the country with illicit drugs?



ObamaNation: Drugs, Wars, and Wall St.

Obama is exposed and isolated internationally, and he is finished politically. With a psychopath like Obama, created and deployed by the British Crown, this means even more danger, his only option—other than resigning—to launch war on Russia and China, a war that would certainly mean the nuclear extermination of much of the human race.

On Friday, Oct. 21, Obama and Defense Secretary “Nuclear” Ash Carter sent a guided-missile destroyer through Chinese waters, unannounced, near China’s Xisha (Paracel) islands in the South China Sea. China Daily, a voice of the Chinese leadership wrote an editorial which notes that the Philippines, under their new President Duterte, has rejected the Obama war policy—as well as Obama’s drug culture—in favor of cooperation in development with China, Russia, and others. By deploying the destroyer, breaching both Chinese and international law, the editorial makes clear that Obama is “telling the world that it can tolerate neither a tranquil South China Sea, nor a peaceful and stable Asia-Pacific. Since it cannot find a puppet troublemaker any longer, the exasperated Washington has to create a disturbance by itself.”

While the whole world watches the strategic failures of Obama’s war policy, the economic collapse created by Obama’s pro-Wall St. policy is the second trumpet announcing Obama’s irreversible political doom, and that of his clone Hillary Clinton. The crash of the Western financial system will hit at any point, now, before or after the election, and simply ignoring the demise of Deutsche Bank, the unraveling of the Italian banking system, the systemic fraud of Wells Fargo among many others, the chaos in Europe, etc., will not prevent the collapse of Wall St. and London banks literally overnight!

Obama’s satanic and simplistic universe can no longer be maintained by his controllers. In a panic to salvage his messianic mass killer legacy, we are being pushed to start a war before he leaves office, or even before Election Day Nov. 8—in Syria, Ukraine, or perhaps Korea, any one of which would mean war with Russia and China.

Why Russia and China?

The target is not the mythical aggression by Russia or China, but precisely the opposite—the commitment to development throughout Eurasia that has been set into motion by China and Russia, bringing nations across the developing sector into cooperation in China’s win-win Silk Road development. This reaches into the heart of Europe, offering European nations an alternative to NATO’s wars and destruction.

To further this process, the Schiller Institute recently held two conferences, one in Essen, Germany, and the other in Lyon, France. The purpose, as stated by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is to bring Germany and France back to the de Gaulle-Adenauer tradition through cooperation with Russia and China. Essen and Lyon are key European points on China’s Silk Road rail lines, now serving to expand East-West trade and cooperation. The conference’s featured speakers from China, the Mideast, and across Europe, assembled on the urgency of global cooperation to restore the European and world economy. Chinese songs and Schubert Lieder, both sung by a Chinese bel canto singer, and both accompanied by classical Chinese instruments, set the tone for the sharing of culture through the Silk Road process.

The same process is taking place in Manhattan, through Lyndon LaRouche’s Manhattan Project, bringing nations together to confront together the world-historic task facing the human race today—either cooperate to build the world and crush the terrorist scourge, or descent into global war under the would-be new imperial lords of the Earth.

Obama and his British controllers are weak and exposed—it is time to push them out!

Obama Ridiculed

With his recent visit to China, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has completed a dramatic revolution in the world on behalf of his nation. In very clear language, he has renounced the Philippines’ previous subservience to Obama’s war policy, established a new relationship with China and Xi Jinping’s Silk Road process, and put in place extensive cooperation with China, and potentially also Russia, in both economic and strategic matters.

Speaking at the Philippine-China Trade and Investment Forum in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, Duterte said:

“America has lost now. I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow, and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world—China, Philippines, and Russia. It’s the only way.

“With that, in this venue, your honors, in this venue, I announce my separation from the United States. Not only military, not in social, but in economics also… I have separated from them. So I will be dependent on you for a long time. But do not worry. We will also help as you help us.”

Speaking to a Filipino audience in Beijing (there are over 300,000 Filipinos working in China), Duterte said about the U.S.:

“Goodbye, my friend. Your stay in my country was for your benefit. We were fed with lies about China. We grew up with the Red Scare. We kept a distance from China. They characterized communism as an oppression of their people. Now I said, this has to stop because you have been abusing the courtesy of my country.”

“I will not go to America anymore,” he said. “I will just be insulted there.” He noted that Americans “enter the Philippines visa-free,” while Filipinos have great difficulty getting a visa to the U.S. “Why don’t we make it even? Well, there will always be a time for reckoning,” he added.

On the war on drugs, where over 4 million Filipinos, mostly young, are addicted to narcotics, Duterte said of Obama’s attacks: “What is that compared to the shattered nations of the Middle East? Those which they bombed? At least here, it’s the criminals, drug addicts, drug lords who are being killed. Over there, they would bomb a hospital, a nursery. We pale in comparison with their atrocities.”

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