History Loves Paradox

Hillary Clinton campaigning in Durham, North Carolina. March 2016 Photo: Nathania Johnson



Between October and early November, a great paradox has arisen in the United States. On the one hand, we hear of millions of Americans who have fallen into disgust and even despair over the Presidential campaigns and the candidacies. But at the same time, there is a tangible presentiment in the nation that the time is coming very soon, when America will be able to turn its focus and its whole effort to the “affirmative aims and needs of human individual and social life,”— with never a backward glance to the grief and shame of the Bush-Obama years.

You probably never expected this, and you may not be able to explain it, but it is undeniable once you have sensed it. Its cause is not in the candidacies or the campaigns,— far from it. Its cause is in the very human spirit itself; its cause is the “divine spark” in man, which is speaking through the hope which so many of our citizens suddenly find they share,— apparently in spite of everything.

Percy Shelley understood all of this when he wrote his “In Defense of Poetry” and other works. So did the German “Poet of Freedom” Friedrich Schiller.

Does this unexpected spring of hope correspond to reality? Is the possibility really there, for the rebirth of something even better than the America of John Kennedy, which led the world upwards to the exploration of boundless space, and at the same time toward the overcoming of poverty, underdevelopment and war on earth? The answer is yes: the hope is valid; it is not deceiving you. Why this is true, is a profound question,— but the answer can be quickly summarized by noting that the laws of the creative human mind, that is the laws created by our reason, are the laws of the universe.

There are no guarantees, and tremendous, coordinated moral and intellectual effort will be required, comparable to total war, but the opportunity is there at this late date to save our nation.

An important part of the environment of the change in mentality of our citizens, has been the truly heroic leadership shown by Russia’s President Putin (whatever Hillary Clinton may say) and the leadership of China. They have led their nations up from out of the mud towards the stars during our lifetimes. Russia was a wreckage after the so-called “reforms” of the 1990s; look where it is now. China has lifted 800 million of its citizens out of poverty. But they are not bossing others around or aspiring for hegemony; instead, they strive for cooperation in equality. China’s international proposal for the New Silk Road is an international development plan twelve times the size of the Marshall Plan, in which 70 nations are participating, with many more to come. And without Putin’s role, there would be no hope of suppressing the terrorism which Barack Obama has fed in the Middle East with Hillary Clinton’s help.

A critical element in conditioning the current upsurge of hope among Americans, and one which will be required for its success, is the two-year old “Manhattan Project” of Lyndon LaRouche. Through Manhattan, LaRouche has inspired key networks throughout the nation in behalf of the original principles on which Manhattan’s Alexander Hamilton created our nation, as expressed anew in LaRouche’s “Four Laws.” In briefest summary, these include reinstatement of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Act; creation of a new Bank of the United States; a national credit policy committed to increased productivity of labor; and a crash program for controlled fusion energy, with the revival of NASA and the U.S. space program killed by Barack Obama.

Although no one has even pointed out the reality of this new national mood until today, candidate Donald Trump nevertheless responded to it in his own way during late October, when he publicly endorsed Glass-Steagall, and called for a revival of NASA and its commitment to deep space exploration. He also pointed out that a President Hillary Clinton would launch World War III against Russia, as Lyndon LaRouche has long shown.

We point this out because of its clear relevance, but never imagine that pulling the lever for a candidate will save our nation at this late date; it will not. The inexplicable hope which you have suddenly felt with so many others, is an inner whisper to prod you to do what you must do; there may not be another chance.

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