Friday Webcast – We Must Set the Agenda: US Must Join The New Silk Road



Join us at 8 pm ET for our weekly Friday webcast, with your host, Matthew Ogden. The electoral defeat of the Obama/Clinton/Bush establishment has posed a very narrow window of opportunity. The momentary reprieve from the immediate threat of nuclear war with Russia is positive, but as Lyndon LaRouche said today, everything else is undefined and inconclusive. Sober and serious leadership is needed at this point to define the agenda for the new presidency. This starts with the immediate restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act, for which legislation already exists in both Houses of Congress, followed by the entirety of LaRouche’s “Four Economic Laws”, a Hamiltonian program to save the United States ( As Helga LaRouche emphasized today, LaRouchePAC defined the program which would create millions of productive jobs and build the great infrastructure projects so desperately needed across the United States in the pamphlet “The United States Must Join The New Silk Road: A Hamiltonian Vision for an Economic Renaissance” which is available on the LPAC website ( Use this material to unify and mobilize the American people around this inspiring vision for the future. The window of opportunity is narrow and sobriety of leadership driven by ideas is now necessary more than ever before.

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