REJOICE! Obama Has Been Defeated


by Kesha Rogers and David Christie

Donald Trump’s victory was an outright repudiation of Obama and Hillary—and it was not the result of a national phenomenon, but a global rejection of those imperial policies that have sought to keep nations backward and impoverished for centuries.

To put it simply, the American people have demanded the truth. They have voted for a better standard of living for themselves and their posterity. They voted to end Wall Street corruption and speculation, and to reenact Glass-Steagall. They have voted to end the endless drive for war, and to have the true criminals (like Obama and Bush) to be put behind bars.

Yet it has been the unwavering leadership of leaders like Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, to stand down the increasing threats by Obama—threats which mounted to nuclear genocide if enacted—and to offer a new leaf of cooperation for mankind’s total development, which made the difference in this election. The courage to stand against the threats of Obama and his British sponsors, and to fight for the prosperous existence of mankind, this is what the American people voted for on Tuesday, November 8th. Now we must join hands towards even greater challenges.

The initiation of cooperation among the BRICS nations around the New Development Bank in 2014 began a new era of development, followed by the development of China’s New Silk Road and the AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank). China is now leading the way through the offer of “win-win” cooperation for the advancement of all nations through the building of the New Silk Road and international cooperation in the development of space. The national space agencies of the BRICS countries just concluded their first annual summit, and committed to many joint space initiatives for peaceful purposes, including a shared satellite system for Earth remote sensing (ERS) and communication.

Russia and China just made major commitments to jointly develop Russia’s far east and the northern part of China, with Japan expressing its intention for collaboration and investment in Russia’s Pacific region. The Philippines, as well as most of southeast Asia, is now onboard China’s Maritime Silk Road, ending the threat of war in the South China Sea. Even Ukraine, one of the key British flashpoints for world war in Europe, is discussing the New Silk Road to get their abundant agricultural products to Asian markets. And with Putin’s help in Syria, the war against Obama’s British-Saudi funded mercenaries may be over by the end of the year. In other words, the British flashpoints for war could be neutralized by the time Donald Trump is sworn in.

This means mankind must change its view of mankind, and that the New Silk Road and space exploration must unite all nations on the planet in common destiny. This is global in scope: the nations involved in the New Silk Road have a combined population of 4.4 billion people.

This election was never about Democrats versus Republicans or blacks versus whites, or one nation against another. It was, and continues to be about the issue of mankind’s unique access to that truly universal human identity that seeks to develop the creative potential in every person, and to develop the universe itself. This is the commitment to mankind which now dominates the planet, and for which we must never stop fighting.

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