Trump and Putin Can, and Must, Crush Terrorism in Syria — and Globally

Iraqi soldiers during a simulated exercise under fire at Camp Taji, Iraq, Nov. 18, 2015. [DOD Photos]



Following Trump’s productive phone discussions with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping this week, and the political demise of Obama’s (and Hillary’s) war plans, there is no reason that these three great nations can not collaborate to crush the British/Saudi-sponsored terrorist machine internationally, starting with ISIS and al-Nusra in Syria. “There is no other way to do it,” Lyndon LaRouche said today. “Putin is at the center of this. Prevent any kind of interference.”

The American population is rapidly coming to realize that the long nightmare of economic decay, the epidemic of drugs and suicides, the perpetual warfare, and the awesome threat of thermonuclear war, could be finally over. Sixteen years of Bush and Obama is coming to an end. Whether Donald Trump will put aside his populism in favor of implementing Glass-Steagall and crushing the power of Wall Street over the US government and economy — as he promised he would — is yet to be seen. That will depend on the American people mobilizing themselves behind a solution — not just a rejection of the evil of the past sixteen years. That solution is now before them in the form of LaRouche’s Four Laws: Glass-Steagall; a restoration of National Banking; an end to monetarism in favor of a Hamiltonian credit system to finance industrial and agricultural infrastructure, education, and health care; and a restoration of scientific development, starting with a revived NASA space program and greatly expanded fusion power research.

Teams of organizers from New York, Baltimore, and Virginia hit the Congress on Wednesday, demanding that they not wait for Trump’s inauguration, but act during this “lame duck” session to implement Glass-Steagall and the Four Laws. The Democratic Party is in turmoil after the thrashing they received in the presidential and congressional elections, but indications from LaRouche organizers across the country is that many Democrats are finally facing the fact that Obama and Hillary had joined the Republican neocons, serving not the American population, but Wall Street and the war machine. Trump’s rejection of both Obama and the Republican neocons, and their war plans, during the campaign, created a refuge for Democrats who saw the evil of the Obama killing machine.

The “unipolar world” of the neocons — as in Obama’s “we make the rules” — has proven to be in fact the total isolation of the United States and its EU allies internationally. In Europe, after the Brexit, elections are going against the EU dictatorship and in favor of restoring ties with Russia, as in Bulgaria and Moldova. Turkey’s Foreign Minister said today that his country is so disgusted with European leaders threatening to throw them out of the EU and/or NATO that they are planning a referendum on the nation’s relationship to the EU — a “Turkxit.”

The alternative is clear. Xi Jinping, with his “New Paradigm” centered on the New Silk Road policies, traveled to South America today, where he will be hosted for state visits in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile this week, and attend the APEC Summit in Peru. Ecuador President Correa praised China’s role in transforming the physical economy of his country over the past ten years, and described the current visit as “the most important visit of any head of state in the history of Ecuador.”

The same enthusiasm for a new paradigm is seen across Africa and Asia. Everywhere, people are pondering a future in which the United States no longer threatens wars and “color revolution” subversion, but joins with the BRICS, the AIIB, the New Silk Road, in building a future for all mankind. This potential must be realized, especially in the U.S. itself. The window of opportunity is before us, but it may be brief, with unthinkable consequences if we fail.

Watch and find out what can happen if the United States, Russia and China collaborate to end terrorism and build the World Land-bridge.

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