LaRouche: Mankind Must Change the Behavior of the Universe As Such

Taking stock of the significant strategic advances achieved planet-wide in the recent period, and of the crucial conceptual strides that still remain unrealized, Lyndon LaRouche on Sunday told associates that “what’s happening now is, to a large degree, progress, but it’s not conclusive…. We are making progress, but this kind of progress does not satisfy the requirements of Mankind…. The question is, what Mankind can do to change the behavior of the universe as such.”

LaRouche’s in-depth discussion, as laid out below, is critical to meeting the challenges Mankind currently faces.

The week ended with another devastating defeat of Obama, this time of his British free trade policies at the APEC summit in Lima, Peru, as the global center of gravity shifts to the successful initiatives undertaken by China and Russia. Where we now stand, Helga Zepp-LaRouche told associates, is that “I think we are witnessing a continuation of the very rapid dynamic which has been dominant for the last two and a half months, or a little bit more, starting with the Vladivostok meeting; the integration of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the One Belt, One Road; the continuation of that in the G20 Hangzhou meeting; then the ASEAN meeting in Laos; followed by the BRICS conference in Goa, India in October; and now the APEC meeting in Lima, Peru.

“What is very clear is that the center of gravity and power has fully shifted to this dynamic, especially the integration of the policies of China and Russia.  And what goes along with that, is a continuous explosion of infrastructure and other development projects which, if you take them as a totality, are really a breathtaking dynamic which unfolded with an increasing speed in the last three years.

“And that is definitely the power center of the world right now, because it is very clear that the trans-Atlantic establishments are completely incapable of understanding that their model of globalization and neo-liberal distribution of wealth from the poor to the rich, has completely failed. And they are neither able to predict developments, nor can they cope with the consequences of such things as the Brexit or the Trump vote.”

But the immediate challenge before us—of using the political tidal wave sweeping the United States, as expressed in the Presidential election, to finally bring the U.S. on board to the World Land-Bridge New Paradigm—requires recognizing and addressing a much more profound question. In his discussion with associates, LaRouche stated in part:

“I know that what we’re doing now, while it looks brilliant, in many cases, is not really that good…. Because if we don’t see these higher considerations which people try to overlook — saying ‘we’ll reach that later, we’ll come to that, don’t push yourself too much’ — that’s what I’m concerned about

“It’s the Einstein principle, which is a good measure, a good standard, to see what this problem is….

“What we’ve come to in this change that’s hitting now, we’re hitting probably a mistaken confidence. That doesn’t mean we’re doing something bad as such, but it means we have not really captured what the principle is, on which the future of mankind depends….

“The question is the intrinsic nature of mankind, which Einstein did grasp in certain of his scientific operations.  He did!  And that is what we’ve lost.  We turned away from that kind of conception and decided to come up with a more economical approach, a more practical approach and economical approach….

“We’ve done some good things.  We’ve improved the class for Mankind in general, the classes for Mankind in general, on the basis of certain projects, on certain things.  But we have lost the question of what is the meaning of the existence of the human individual. That is, what is the nature of the actual existence, of the possibility of the human individual?…

“What we’re doing is good, in large part; in certain parts of the world and in certain parts of aspects of life.  But it’s not what mankind actually needs.  Mankind needs to know what the reason is, for human beings, human individuals, something which is never understandable by merely mortal people, who look at themselves in some category like that….

“What is the meaning, what is the intrinsic meaning, of a human being? Of the existence of any human being?  Or all human beings?

“And what’s happening now is, to a large degree, progress, but it’s not conclusive….

“What you’re looking at is, what is the nature of creation. The question is, what is the fundamental purpose of the human being? What is the nature of Mankind as a universal thing? The universe is organized and therefore you have to think about a universe which is intrinsically organized. Not practically organized, but intrinsically organized….

“People don’t know what makes the universe work. What is the characteristic of humanity, that makes it superior to every thing we know about all kinds of animals….

“We are making progress, but this kind of progress does not satisfy the requirements of Mankind. There is something in the universe that is controlling and defining what the universe means as a mission.

“What makes the universe do what it does for the function of Mankind as such? The question is, what mankind can do to change the behavior of the universe as such.”




Lyndon LaRouche Radio Interview with Roger Stone

Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on Saturday afternoon by Republican Party strategist Roger Stone on his “Stone Cold Truth” radio show. Stone began the interview with a long introduction of Mr. LaRouche, noting his presidential campaigns from 1976-2004, and his close relationship with President Ronald Reagan. Stone was the Northeast Coordinator for Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, and he explained to his listeners that he knew personally that Reagan and LaRouche developed a friendship during that campaign. He quoted Reagan in a personal conversation that, while he did not agree with everything that LaRouche said, he did agree with much of LaRouche’s policies, and considered him to be a friend.

During the back and forth, LaRouche made clear that the election of Donald Trump was a defeat for those, like President Obama, who were seeking to provoke a world war against Russia. In one exchange about the Bill Clinton presidency, LaRouche made clear that Clinton was targeted by the British Queen and was under major attack when he capitulated to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and that Hillary Clinton contributed to the demise of the Clinton presidency. Stone agreed with that assessment.

Stone showed tremendous respect for Mr. LaRouche throughout the interview, and delighted in the fact that some people on Wall Street will go berserk over the fact that LaRouche appeared on Stone’s radio show. He asked, towards the end of the interview, for Mr. LaRouche to say something about the political frameup to silence him, and LaRouche pinned the railroad prosecutions on President George H.W. Bush, to which Stone, the author of a recent book on the Bush “crime family,” fully agreed.

LaRouche repeated that the Trump victory represented a global defeat for those provoking war against Russia, and that, while it is not yet known what Trump will accomplish in office, the halt of the war drive is a major contribution in itself. Stone made clear that one of the issues that he is certain that Trump will pursue is the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, a policy that Stone noted has been promoted by Lyndon LaRouche for a long time.

At one point, Stone noted that he has been a close friend and collaborator of Donald Trump since the 1980 Reagan campaign, when Trump and his father, Fred Trump, were early strong political and financial backers of Reagan.

APEC Summit: ‘Face the Reality’—the Global Center of Gravity Has Fully Shifted to China and Russia

The 21-nation APEC Summit, being held in Lima, Peru on Nov. 19-20, is turning into the official international burial of Obama’s hated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was also handed a death sentence inside the U.S. with the election of Donald Trump. In its stead, China’s Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), which China first proposed at the 2014 APEC Summit in Beijing, is likely to be approved at this APEC summit, as a new institution to help bring about a global change in economic paradigm.

Both Chinese and Russian officials have made it quite clear that the FTAAP is not meant to exclude the United States, or anyone else. Obama’s TPP, on the other hand, emphatically excluded China, which Xi Jinping blasted in a speech he delivered Nov. 18 to APEC business leaders: “We need a framework of regional cooperation of equality, joint participation and shared benefits. Arrangements that are closed and exclusive are not the correct option.”

In his keynote address to the APEC CEO Summit on Nov. 19, Xi stated that the FTAAP “is a strategic initiative critical for the long-term prosperity of the Asia-Pacific.” He emphasized that it was directly associated with China’s Belt and Road Initiative:

“Three years ago, I put forward the Belt and Road initiative. It aims to strengthen connectivity to facilitate free flow of factors of production and create a platform of win-win cooperation and shared benefits for all. Over 100 countries and international organizations have joined or expressed support for the initiative, forming a strong circle of friends brought together by the common vision, mutual trust and friendship. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is up and running. The Silk Road Fund is in place. A number of major projects have been launched, generating huge economic and social benefit.”

Xi also stressed the crucial role of science and innovation in solving the global economic crisis, as he had done at the G20 summit earlier this year:

“Second, we will promote innovation-driven development and replace old growth drivers with new ones. We will continue to pursue the strategy of innovation-driven development and deepen R&D structural reform to change outdated mindset and remove institutional obstacles, fully leverage the role of science and technology in economic and social development, and tap into all sources of innovation. We will further pool the efforts of businesses, universities and research institutes to energize business organizations, people, the market and capital to drive innovation-based development. We will encourage new technologies, new industries and new businesses so that progress in innovation will be applied in economic operations and turned into new forces driving growth. Third, we will promote high-standard, two-way opening-up to deliver win-win outcomes.”

It is noteworthy that, over recent years, Xi has used the annual APEC summits to launch major global initiatives. In 2014 in Beijing, where he first proposed the FTAAP, he also announced the New Silk Road initiative and urged the U.S. and other nations to join in. He did so at a joint press conference with a hapless US President Barack Obama at his side; Xi’s offer of course fell on deaf ears. In 2015 in Manila, Xi announced the formation of the AIIB, again announcing that it was open to the entire world. And now in 2016, he is doing the same with the FTAAP.

Indicating clearly which way the wind is blowing, the APEC affairs director at the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, Raul Salazar, announced that Peru, as the host of this year’s summit, thinks that the FTAAP is necessary. “This step taken in Beijing has forced all the members to face the reality that this is necessary for a number of reasons. Peru holds the position that we need an Asia-Pacific free trade area.”

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