Space and Classical Culture — Repairing the Degeneration of the Minds of the American People Under Bush and Obama

Expedition 49 crew members Shane Kimbrough, NASA astronaut, along with Roscosmos cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Andrey Borisenko, currently aboard the International Space Station, working together for over four months in orbit. [photo: NASA]


Across the nation and around the world, leading figures are stepping forward to identify the potential now before the United States and the world to end the death and destruction imposed under the Bush and Obama administrations. Gen Harald Kujat, the former German armed forces Chief of Staff, pointed to the drastically improved relations between the U.S. and Russia which Trump and Putin have set in motion as the basis — and the only basis — for resolving the horrendous crises in Ukraine and Syria. Former U.S. Ambassador Chas Freeman, who also once served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense, said in an interview with Ron Paul that Trump “should be mindful that he basically led a revolution — he led a bunch of people whom Hillary Clinton called deplorable to come out to the polls and register their objection to business as normal in Washington, to the frankly degenerate atmosphere in our political culture.” He praised Trump’s insistence that the US must join with Russia and focus on crushing ISIS in Syria rather than regime change against Assad, and added that it was “crazy, frankly, for the U.S. to pretend that we can enjoy absolute primacy in the seas off China indefinitely.”

Political sensibility, driven by the election shock, is overcoming the American and European populations’ acceptance of leaders mindlessly killing hundreds of thousands of people and destroying entire nations, while driving millions out of their homes as refugees.

But what is the cause of the former blind acceptance of such evil? It must be identified in the degeneration of the minds of the populations, the destruction of the human creative powers of people subjected to decades of cultural decay. When the belief in the scientific capacity of mankind to “bring dominion over nature,” both on Earth and in the Universe, is denounced by greenies as the destruction of Mother Earth, and entertainment is reduced to drugs, violence and perversity, when beautiful music is replaced by pulsating noise — it is then possible to convince peoples to close their eyes to the horror being perpetrated in their names.

Now these minds are being awakened, both by the economic destruction of their lives, and by the revolutionary electoral change which provides a flicker of hope.

As Lyndon LaRouche has said for over forty years, it is at such a pregnant moment in history that optimism in the potential of mankind’s progress can and must be restored, providing a future for all men and women on our planet, through scientific advances that lift our eyes to the stars, and through the beauty of classical art and music, “through which one proceeds to freedom,” as Friedrich Schiller said.

Freedom from London’s and Wall Street’s destructive power over the western governments is now within reach, as stunned legislators in Europe and the U.S. are faced with the only alternative to the uncontrolled collapse of the bankrupt western financial system: Glass Steagall reform to shut down the too-big-to-fail gambling dens on Wall Street, with Hamiltonian credit policies through national banking to restore the economy, the space program, scientific research and international cooperation in nation building around the world, taking the New Silk Road to all Mankind.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche strategizes with LPAC activists on their way to Washington, D.C., stressing that Trump’s victory and Clinton’s defeat must be viewed as part of an international shift in orientation. It is now up to us to set the agenda, beginning with LaRouche’s four, Hamiltonian laws.
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