Reality Is the Global New Paradigm Shift; Localist Propaganda Is Dangerous!

A view of the Capitol from the top of the Washington Monument. [Tyrol5r / CC BY-SA 3.0 /]


This week, LaRouchePAC delegations from Manhattan, and from several Eastern states, came to Washington, D.C., to personally engage Congressmen in the necessity to act to re-instate Glass-Steagall and LaRouche’s “Four Laws,” to deal with today’s strategic crisis. This policy initiative — along with cross-country pressure on Congress — comes at a time of non-stop media fixation on President-designate Donald Trump’s latest and possible Cabinet appointments. `Who are they?… How bad are they?’, etc. The media barrage, and even the appointments themselves, serve to confuse and de-mobilize anyone listening.

It’s important to resist any such localist, “bottom-up” characterizations of what is happening. There is nothing local here: “Trump” electoral surprises are happening all over the world, and more will occur in coming weeks. Electorates the world over are rejecting the whole era of “globalization” for a new paradigm, still being shaped. EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche stressed on the day after the Presidential elections that the Trump vote was not a “local” event. Rejecting Hillary Clinton was greater than individuals; it was part of a global dynamic shift. LaRouche cautioned today, “It’s dangerous to allow that [localist confusion] to happen. You’ve got to get free of it. It destroys our ability to think, and to solve problems.”

Avoid anger, then, over individuals; think of the potential.

This is reality. There is a dynamic underway internationally for a new paradigm for all mankind, embodied in the Eurasian New Silk Road. There is a strong leadership drive by President Vladimir Putin, and President Xi Jinping and others, in the way forward, laid out for decades by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

Today in Moscow, Putin gave a speech from this vantage point. He spoke of the Eurasian Economic Union, “linking up with China’s Silk Road Economic Belt project, [that] will enable us to build a big Eurasian partnership.” He was speaking on the occasion of the second annual “Primakov Readings International Forum” in Moscow, to commemorate the leadership heritage of Yevgeni Primakov. Putin said, “Mr. Primakov also believed that it would be very difficult to adequately address today’s big challenges without a serious partnership between Russia and the United States. Sadly, Russia-U.S. relations have deteriorated considerably over these last years, but this is not our fault. Now that the election campaign is over in the United States and a new President will soon enter the White House, we hope that this will create an opportunity to improve these relations, which are so important not only for our two peoples, but also for ensuring international stability and security…”

The idea of new relations is reverberating throughout Ibero-America, after Xi’s six-day APEC Summit tour earlier this month. Senior Mexican diplomat Sergio Ley has called for Mexico to now “diversify” its foreign trade relations, and no longer have 80% of its trade be with the United States. He said that there now is “an extraordinary dialogue at the highest level” between Mexico and China.

In opposition to this active, new paradigm of international, mutually beneficial relations, come the last-ditch efforts from the geopolitical has-beens, to cause more harm and death. In particular, France, Britain, and the Obama Administration are mobilizing against Russia over Syria. Today, France announced that it will host a meeting Dec. 10, including leaders from the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and others, on how to oppose “the logic of total war” that they claim Russia and Syria are perpetrating.

In reality, in Aleppo the Syrian government is successfully driving back the terrorists; and Russia is mobilizing support and relief supplies—including field hospitals, for the thousands now freed and in need.

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