The End of the British Empire’s Liberal Fascism, The Triumph of the American Revolution


The revolutionary changes sweeping through the western nations are provoking hysteria among the has-been, discredited national leaders in Europe and the United States. The Brexit, the U.S. electoral defeat of the Obama/Hillary plan for war on Russia and China, the Philippine revolt against Obama’s Asia Pivot, and nation after nation in Europe rejecting the anti-Russia sanctions and demonization of Putin—these and more represent a recognition across the West that their leadership has been under the control of financial oligarchs and war-crazed neoconservatives who can no longer be tolerated. The British Empire is crumbling for want of a horse—but the Lords of Windsor will stop at nothing, even nuclear war, to save their Empire, if they are not replaced first.

It is no surprise that the British rise to defend their Empire in the most overt and repulsive fashion. Tony Blair, after being exposed by England’s own Chilcot Inquiry of waging a criminal war of aggression in Iraq based on lies, has announced that he is returning to politics to save his dying breed. A U.S. military officer writing on the Sic Semper Tyrannus blog of Col. Pat Lang perhaps best captures the irony: “I also note that in the UK, Tony Blair has lifted the lid of his casket and again stalks the streets of London aiming to reverse Brexit. Do we see a pattern here? International elites none too happy with revolting peasants on both sides of the Atlantic?”

On Wednesday, the British Parliament will debate the crimes of Tony Blair, a debate which has the Blairites in the Labour Party frantic over the further exposure of their complicity in the destruction of Southwest Asia and Europe.

Also from the UK, former Tory Cabinet Minister Ken Clark looks to the pathetic Angela Merkel as the last great white hope for the British Empire: Merkel, he writes, now that the U.S. has been “lost” to Trump, is “the only politician succeeding in keeping the tradition of western liberal democracy alive.” Clearly, if what has happened to the West is “western liberal democracy,” then the people are ready to dump it.

The hysteria extends to the dying breed’s response to the defeat of terrorism taking place in Aleppo. As Russia and Syria, together, demonstrate that terrorism can, in fact, be defeated, and the population freed from barbarism, the western media react with horror, insisting that Russia and Syria are the problem, not the terrorists. France, under the doomed Hollande regime, even called an emergency UN Security Council meeting to denounce Syria.

But the tide cannot be turned back. Behind the surge of sanity in the West is the growing recognition that Russia and China have put in place a new paradigm based on win-win cooperation in the physical development of nations and regions around the world. On every continent, conferences are being held on the New Silk Road initiated by Xi Jinping, examining the existing and potential infrastructure development which links nations through joint progress, and through sharing the best and most creative traditions within their respective cultures.

The LaRouche organization has initiated and campaigned for these ideas for half a century. Some people accept the pessimism and lies that a relatively small organization could not have been responsible for such global changes—but those people do not understand the power of ideas to move history, a power far greater than mundane connections to people in power. The truth is revealed in the long waves of history, and the world is now experiencing the thundering crash of an historical tidal wave. What direction the subsequent awakening will take depends on the power of creativity and Classical culture adopted by the people of the world, and especially in the United States.

Nothing indicates the potential more than LaRouche’s Four New Laws and the elimination of Wall St./London parasitical finance; the emergence of a new great powers relationship between the U.S., Russia, and China; and the renewed commitment towards a lunar base development and expansive exploration of our solar system and beyond. With the power of Shakespeare, Mozart, et al. we will reawaken in the minds of Americans, and all people, the greatness of the American Revolution as the beginning of the end of British liberal fascism.

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