Mass Movement for Development: Create the Future!



We bring you our weekly Friday webcast live this afternoon, featuring LPAC Policy Committee members Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers, with your host, Matthew Ogden.

Can Americans harness their newfound sense of political empowerment to demand a Hamiltonian program of economic development? Now is the moment for a “mass movement for development!” Kesha Rogers and Diane Sare join host Matthew Ogden on tonight’s LaRouchePAC weekly webcast to discuss the immense opportunity we have to propel the United States into the new paradigm of economic development now sweeping the planet, radiating from China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative. As a new whitepaper published by the Chinese states, development is the fundamental “inalienable right” of mankind, and what China has accomplished in terms of great projects and lifting its people out of poverty should be an inspiration for Americans as to what we can accomplish once we recommit ourselves fully to a Hamiltonian vision of National Banking and vast public credit invested into launching our nation to the next level of technology and productivity—not just filling potholes, but colonizing outer space and conquering the unlimited power of fusion energy. The apple cart of “politics as usual” has been decisively overturned and a new wave of potential for great change is sweeping the planet. Do not try to identify localized causes for this change; rather, keep focused on the global dynamics and recognize that the power of ideas to change history cannot be underestimated. Join the LaRouchePAC and let’s create a mass movement for development!

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