Aleppo Is Free




Yesterday, the Syrian Army officially declared victory over the terrorists in Aleppo. This comes after four years of terrorist occupation; but comes some 24 days after the Syrian government, with Russian backing, vowed to fully re-take the city. They acted against all the opposition perpetrated by London, Paris, Washington and Saudi Arabia, which backed “moderate” rebels on the ground, and conducted campaigns of lies and harassment at the United Nations in New York.

Sana, the Syrian government news agency this evening, is broadcasting video of President Bashar al-Assad congratulating Syrian troops at their positions in Aleppo. The victory for principle has come at the cost of terrible suffering and loss of life, but it has been well and surely won. People are celebrating.

We are called to thoughts of the necessity of a Marshall Plan for the region—the “Phoenix Plan” for reconstruction of Syria and the entire region, as developed by Hussein Askary and Ulf Sandmark, and promoted by the Schiller Institute.

In the last week, in the midst of the final days of intense battle for Aleppo, China’s Special Envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan was in Damascus Dec. 8, for deliberations on humanitarian relief operations in Aleppo, as well as other plans for aid to the war-torn nation. Meantime, in New York, China stood alongside Russia, and other nations last week, to oppose the fraudulent resolutions on cease-fire and aid for Aleppo, proposed by the White House, London, Saudi, French axis, to attempt to keep Aleppo in strife.

In the United States itself, an hysteria campaign is being waged against Russia and President Putin, using the lies that Russian government hackers have interfered in the U.S. elections, and also favored Donald Trump. This follows last week’s media reports that the CIA has “secret” evidence that Russia is doing these criminal deeds, and has become a dangerous adversary. Putin is a strongman threat, and a war criminal in Syria, etc.

Briefed on the situation today, Lyndon LaRouche commissioned a chronology (see below) of this campaign of lies, going back to July 2016, when WikiLeaks released emails exposing how the Hillary Clinton campaign was colluding with the Democratic National Committee to favor Clinton, and deter Bernie Sanders. Then-DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign before the Democratic Convention. The Obama and Clinton crowd since that time–especially after losing the presidential election—have attempted even more to divert attention from the popular rejection of their many crimes by fixating on a fraudulent demonization of Russia and Putin.

The way to understand this, LaRouche said, is that it’s a British fraud, an effort by the Queen to protect Obama and prevent the potential dumping of the London/Wall Street policies. The current U.S. mad-dog charges against Russia should be seen in this global context — the collapse of the failed U.S. system under Bush and Obama, and of the British Empire itself, as well as the breaks coming from Europe, and the breakthrough now in Aleppo. We are fighting for principle.

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