Why All the Hysteria? Obama’s Just Trying to Stay Out of Jail!

In July 2015, Obama became the first sitting President to visit a federal prison. Here the President departs El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma with Valerie Jarrett and Secret Service agent Rob Buster. [White House Photo]


Harley Schlanger sent in the following report from Germany this morning.

“I briefed Lyn [Lyndon LaRouche] this morning, going through the escalation of the anti-Putin hysteria. After five or so minutes of reporting on the incredibly absurd stories on NBC (‘high level of confidence of direct Putin involvement’ in hacking), the New York Times (“How Moscow Aimed a Perfect Weapon at U.S. election,” and editorial “Aleppo’s Destroyers: Assad, Putin, Iran”), and others, and the calls for either the Electoral College to reject Trump, or a new election, Lyn said, ‘This is foolish nonsense, it’s a fraud.'”

“I said, I know it’s a fraud, but don’t you think this is designed to either remove Trump, or contain him? ‘No, it will never work. This is all a fantasy, it’s rubbish. It’s coming from the politically-deceased Obama. He’s gone, he should be charged for his crimes. This is an attempt to keep him out of prison.’

“I told him Roger Stone called it a “soft coup,’ reminding him of Watergate. Lyn said, ‘No, this is totally different, there is something else going on,’ referring again to the emergence of the new paradigm. He emphasized that the system is gone; it can’t be saved. He said, after being briefed on Yellen’s comments after yesterday’s Fed meeting, ‘It is meaningless; it is all a fantasy. There is nothing they can do.’

“The character of this is that Putin is an ‘independent figure, who knows what he’s doing. It can’t be stopped.’ The system is finished, and what you are hearing is ‘guilty people, with a rope around their neck, hoping the rope doesn’t draw down.’ He said we just have to review Obama’s crimes: he’s killing Americans with Obamacare and his economic policies; his Tuesday killing meetings should put him in prison; he’s repeatedly committed crimes. Just tell people that—there is no substance to what is being said by the intel community, media, etc., ‘it’s all crap.’

“‘We have to stick to what we’re doing. All of this is hysteria, but it amounts to nothing; it will have no effect.'” Harley’s report ended there.

What this means is very simple. Who will provide the leadership to the American people for Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws, to bring the United States into the World Landbridge? Aside from us, there is no one. No one!

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