Trump Electorate Need More Than Anger Now: They Need Creativity

A new viewing window recently installed on the Target Chamber of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) will allow members of the NIF team and visitors to see inside the chamber while it is vacuum-sealed for experiments. March 2011. Photo credit: LLNL


While an extraordinary drama is being enacted in the United States, with the use of intelligence agencies to try to overturn a decided presidential election, the President-elect has spoken to a series of monster rallies across the nation.

The Trump voters have been waiting by tens of thousands in the cold, to register their anger once again against the hated blows to their lives, of “globalization” and its advocates. But they urgently need something more and better than anger.

There is a new economic paradigm abroad in the world, especially from Asian powers, which could turn their fortunes around. But as citizens, they have to understand how to link their country up with that new paradigm. There are new scientific frontiers, including in space and fusion energy, which can mean a higher human existence for their children. They need to understand how those frontiers slipped from America’s mind in the past, and with whom to collaborate to restore them.

They need to see the political battle now, not as a Super Bowl to cheer for “killer hits” and injured opponents; but as a play of Shakespeare at which to gain ideas. Not a heavy metal rock concert, but a performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy as Europe held when they threw off Soviet Communism.

The Obama and Hillary backers cannot overturn the election. Their aim is to bring down another President, Putin of Russia. They are relentless for constant wars, “regime-change” wars, whose ultimate target is Russia and China. They aim to bring those nations down by war if necessary, before they become economically ascendant over Obama’s declining United States.

The American electorate, now as citizens, are in the drama. They have to act to make sure the new President does not attempt to continue that war policy; and does not continue Obama’s — or the Republican leadership’s — economic and science policies.

Instead, they can set off a mobilization to save the economy and the nation: restore the Glass-Steagall Act; create a Hamiltonian national bank for productive credit; build new infrastructure at the technological frontiers — like high-speed and magnetically-levitated rail lines — across the country; restore NASA’s Moon and Mars and deep-space missions and seek the breakthrough to fusion technologies.

That kind of creativity, on the part of thousands and even millions, is what LaRouchePAC and EIR exist for. Americans are not using that creativity until they realize the U.S. electoral shock was part of a global phenomenon, which can lead to a new paradigm of the rights and abilities of human beings.



Alastair Crooke: CIA Claims Are To Impose Regime Change in Moscow

In a lengthy piece in the Dec. 16 Consortium News, former British diplomat and intelligence official Alastair Crooke wrote the CIA’s leaked claim of Russia trying to help Donald Trump gain the presidency is aimed at bringing down Vladimir Putin, along with hobbling Trump’s less hawkish foreign policy, even before he gets into office. Crooke entitled his piece “Politicized Intelligence Kneecapping Trump.”

To bolster his argument, Crooke cites former top presidential staffer (1969-74), columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan: “Behind the effort to smear [Secretary of State-designate Rex] Tillerson and delegitimize Trump lies a larger motive. Trump has antagonists in both parties who are alarmed at his triumph, because it imperils the foreign policy agenda that is their raison d’être, their reason ‘for being.’

“These people do not want to lift sanctions on Moscow. They do not want to end the confrontation with Russia. As is seen by their bringing in tiny Montenegro, they want to enlarge NATO to encompass Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

“They have in mind the permanent encirclement of Russia… Their goal is to bring down Putin and bring about ‘regime change’ in Moscow.”

Crooke concludes that the war in Syria has had a “hugely corrosive effect on services such as CIA and MI6 … by becoming the echo chamber of claims, however improbable, however false, thrown up by sundry armed movements and their paymasters—with the intent to force the hand of Western military intervention. In short, these services cease to be observers; they become investors. They become lost in a maze of contorted realities, false propaganda, and of acquired hubris. Like Prometheus, they think to secretly steal from Zeus, the god of war: they aspire to dictate war and peace.

“Into this heady world of ‘strategic communication’ warfare, has intruded Mr. Trump, spoiling their Syria gambit—and promising détente with Russia. It must indeed seem intolerable.”

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