Putin Has Transformed Both Southwest Asia and East Asia Towards Development — Will America Follow?

Russian President Putin visits Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan, December 15, 2016. (photo: kremlin.ru)



As Obama continues to prove himself to be “politically deceased,” as Lyndon LaRouche put it, throwing thunderbolts from his political coffin as if he were still the “killer king” of old, President-elect Trump issued a tweet today denouncing the “many inflammatory statements and roadblocks” coming from Obama. Indeed, Obama announced that he would soon announce “retaliatory measures” against Russia for Putin’s imagined stealing of the election, hoping he can undermine the Trump team’s intention to end the madness. But Putin has not been wasting his time fussing with the US election. The entire Mideast has been transformed by his successful intervention in Syria, which has reversed the onslaught of the Saudi-British sponsored terrorist networks. The process of destruction against Iraq, Libya, and Syria — the three strongest secular, anti-terrorist nations in the region, has come to an end. In the process, proof of Obama’s arming of the terrorists is showing up everywhere — Russian sappers clearing mines from liberated Aleppo today announced the discovery of a terrorist arms depot stocked with US, German, and Bulgarian weapons, while Turkish President Erdogan announced that he had firm evidence of US arming of ISIS itself.

But more important, the combination of the Russian role in Syria and Putin’s recent visit to Japan has transformed both regions, uniting them behind the reality of a new paradigm based on development. Austrian Mideast expert Karin Kneissl today made the insightful point, that Russia’s ability to help the Syrian government crush the terroist threat was dramatically aided by China’s “soft power strategy,” bringing the New Silk Road into the region, creating development and jobs for the millions of youth whose future had been stolen by the Bush and Obama wars, and creating the potential for the return of the millions of refugees to productive employment in their homelands. Lyndon LaRouche pointed, today, to Putin’s highly successful visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this month, setting in motion huge joint development projects in the Russian Far East, and even on the contested Kuril Islands, preparing the way for a peace treaty between Russia and Japan. “This is not some local deal,” LaRouche said. “It will stimulate growth not only across Asia, but it will stimulate the world.” Abe visited Pearl Harbor on Tuesday with President Obama, where his statements against any more wars could only be taken as a warning to the U.S. not to follow Obama’s insane confrontation with Russia, but to join with Japan and with China’s New Silk Road process to create a new, peaceful development paradigm for mankind.

The LaRouche Political Action Committee is now preparing an updated report on “The United States Joins the New Silk Road — A Hamiltonian Vision For an Economic Renaissance.” The report will review the incredible pace of development projects initiated world-wide during 2016 under China’s Belt and Road Initiative and related efforts by Russia and India, and pose to the American people, and the Trump team, that the United States can and must participate in this revolutionary process. Not only can a revived U.S. industry contribute greatly to these global projects, but the decaying U.S. infrastructure can itself be rebuilt, with new large-scale projects in power, water, transportation, a revived space program, and scientific research into the frontiers of human knowledge.

The power of the financial oligarchy, which had imposed its will on the world, has now lost control of most of the world outside the trans-Atlantic nations, and its power there is up for grabs. The bankruptcy of their financial cartels can no longer be postponed, and their populations are in a state of revolt, dismissed as “populism” by the discredited oligarchs. The rage against their evil austerity policies, and against their drive for war against Russia and China, is evident everywhere in the West. That rage must be focused into positive assertions of sanity based on LaRouche’s Four Laws approach: putting the cartels through Glass-Steagall bankruptcy procedures; creating new credit institutions on the Hamiltonian model; directing credit into the reconstruction of industry, agriculture, and infrastructure; and unleashing the creative powers of our citizens to bring fusion power and space exploration on line, creating a future worthy of the dignity of man.

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