Urgent Task for the New Year: Set the Agenda for the United States

Moon landing, Apollo 11 mission.


This week, the Chinese government released its report, “China’s Space Activities in 2016,” reviewing accomplishments in its space program over recent years, and
laying out plans for the coming period, for the purpose, it stated, to serve, “mankind’s unremitting pursuit to peacefully explore and utilize outer space. Standing at a new historical starting line, China is determined to quicken the pace of developing its industry, and actively carry out international space exchanges and cooperation, so that achievements in space activities will serve and improve the well-being of mankind in a wider scope…”

In dramatic contrast, the United States and the Trans-Atlantic region are in economic breakdown, endangering all mankind, and moreover, persisting in the very policies which caused the breakdown to begin with.

In particular, in the banking sector, there is a showdown right now between the European Central Bank (ECB) and the nation of Italy, over Banco Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MSP), threatening to erupt in chaos. It was revealed this week that the ECB has ordered MPS, to come up with—re-capitalize—8.8 bil euros, not merely the 5 bil previously sought, which the Italian government was moving on assembling. The population is furious.

The only sane response to all this, is to dump the dead system, by initiating Glass-Steagall re-organization, and establishing a proper banking system. Issue credit for priority, productive activity, and further the economic science driver impact of advancing work in space and in fusion breakthroughs. This is laid out in the 2014 “Four Laws” proposal by Lyndon LaRouche, which will again be featured in the new, forthcoming mass pamphlet from LaRouchePAC—an updated version of “The United States Joins the New Silk Road; a Hamiltonian Vision for an Economic Renaissance” (2015).

This program must be put at the top of the agenda in the United States, and as well, in Europe and elsewhere, and right now. Moreover, what is also urgently required, is to convey the science behind the ‘Four Laws.’ Look back and study LaRouche’s breakthroughs in methodology over the decades. For example, his
concept of potential relative population density; his concept of energy flux density; his concept of the ‘productive platform,’—not merely infrastructure.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche observed today, that in the newly-released China report on space infrastructure, what you see, in effect, is the taking of half of Lyndon LaRouche’s economic platform proposal, and projecting it out into space. It is very rich and hopeful.

On Jan. 3, the new 115th Congress convenes in Washington, D.C.. They need to feel the heat on what to do. On Jan. 6, all the Members of Congress will be on hand for the protocol of counting the votes of the Electoral College, making official the election of Donald Trump, whose campaign rode in on the wave of the population’s disgust with the current policies of economic destruction and war. Now we have to set the agenda of what must be done to end their hardship, despair and anger.

Lyndon LaRouche spoke of this imperative, and the urgency, “Push on the Representatives to make things happen.” He said, “We have to build up people who were destroyed by what the Bush family and Obama did. That’s the issue.” He raised Franklin Delano Roosevelt, saying, “Look at how FDR pioneered new advantages for the people of the USA,” and noting that, FDR and his program were then crushed. But, “We have a latent option. We can get it back.” The idea is, “You have to re-educate. Use tools to make people creative…See what FDR accomplished. That has to be made clear.”



China’s Space White Paper Outlines Next 5 Years’ of Manned Exploration, Space Science, Intn’l Cooperation

On Tuesday, China released its stunning five-year plan for space, titled, “China’s Space Activities in 2016” in a white paper in Beijing. The White Paper’s stated purpose is, “to enable the world community to better understand China’s space industry,” and to “offer a brief introduction” to its major accomplishments since 2011. The Preamble explains, “[t]he Chinese government takes the space industry as an important part of the nation’s overall development strategy.” The purpose of China’s space program, the Preamble states, is “to contribute more to both serving national development and improving the well-being of mankind.”

The bulk of the paper summarizes the achievements of China’s manned, lunar, Earth orbital, and international cooperation programs, and outlines the tasks for the next five years. These re-state the first launch of the unmanned Tianzhou cargo carrier; the launch of the first element of the space station; the two lunar missions over the next two years, and China’s first Mars mission, in 2020. As is customary, at a press conference releasing the paper, the question of a manned lunar mission was raised, and as has been the response, it was stated that this has not yet been approved by the government.

Certain details are presented about lunar work. The lunar probe to be launched in 2018 is to achieve the world’s first soft landing on the far side of the moon. In China’s lunar exploration project, it will strive to attain automated extra-terrestrial sampling, and technology for handling and return, by the space explorers. The White Paper said, “The lunar probe Chang’e-4 will conduct in situ and roving detection and relay communications at earth-moon L2 point.”

The White Paper’s section on international cooperation summarizes the 29 countries and organizations with which China has space cooperation agreements. Most interesting, under the sub-headline of “Key Areas for Future Cooperation,” it lists, “Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative Space Information Corridor,” for Earth observation, communications, navigation, and other applications. It also lists “Construction of the BRICS remote-sensing satellite constellation.”

China also announced that it has opened up nearly all areas of its space industry for private and international “investment.” It was stated that there will be “very few off-limits areas.” China’s space station will be a major area for such cooperative investment.

The White Paper concludes: “It is mankind’s unremitting pursuit to peacefully explore and utilize outer space. Standing at a new historical starting line, China is determined to quicken the pace of developing its space industry and actively carry out international space exchanges and cooperation, so that achievements in space activities will serve and improve the well-being of mankind in a wider scope…”

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