New U.S. Congress Begins, as Truth Stalks the Land

photo: Architect of the Capitol, 2014



With the new, 115th Congress being sworn in yesterday, the truth is more and more inescapable to anyone potentially human, that there must be a policy shift in the United States, away from economic collapse, war, and lies. LaRouchePAC teams were on hand, to greet lawmakers with specifics of this imperative, in terms of what to do–re-enact the Glass Steagall law, and put the U.S. on course for productivity, through a new credit system, and re-commit to science and economic development.

Furthermore, the light of truth is burning holes through the current, most-favored Big Lie of the Obama Administration, namely that demon Russia is hacking America to pieces. First, yesterday’s Washington Post had to eat crow, and retract its claim made last week that Russia had hacked a New England utility company, threatening black outs. The Post’s front page article yesterday is titled, “Vermont Utility Apparently Isn’t Target of Any Russian Hacking.” The Post had incorrectly reported that the utility itself was hacked; that the malware was Russian-associated; and that the utility — Burlington Electric — was at risk of black out. None of this was true.

Bear in mind, this is the same Washington Post, which, along with The New York Times, originated the assertion that Russia hacked computers of the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, manager of the Clinton campaign, capturing emails then released by WikiLeaks, and throwing the election.

In that connection, WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange has spoken out against this assertion, saying that he is a thousand-percent sure that Russia did not provide WikiLeaks with hacked emails. “We can say, we have said, repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the Russian government, and is not a state party.” Assange said this and more, in an exclusive interview conducted last week by Sean Hannity, of Fox News, which is to be aired in full (part one) at 10 pm (Eastern) Jan. 3. This is the first-ever cable TV interview given by Assange, and his pre-released comments are already getting wide attention internationally, causing havoc for the Obama crowd, including Republican Party Russo-phobes.

These exposures underscore the point stressed recently by Lyndon LaRouche, about the final days of the Obama presidency: “Remember who is behind Obama.” He refers to the dying, British City of London/Wall Street crowd. But, he adds, as their system expires–and as long as there is no forced policy-shift to extinguish it–they are dangerous, and capable of atrocities.

In Southwest Asia, look to this network in connection with who is reponsible for the New Year’s Eve mass shooting in Istanbul. Investigations by the Turkish authorities, and cooperating governments in Asia, are still ongoing and secret, but LaRouche noted: Look for the hand of the British-Chechen networks in this atrocity. In addition to certain “signature” empirics connected to the incident, there is the glaring reality of the evil purpose of such an act–to attempt to sabotage the ongoing Turkey-Russia-Iran collaboration for a Syrian ceasefire, talks in Kazakhstan next week, and a political resolution. However, yesterday, Turkish Dep. Prime Minister Numann Kurtulmus vowed that Turkey will remain resolute in its commitment.

The same day as occurred the mass shooting crime in Southwest Asia–the venue of the old British Empire “Great Game,”with all its decades of bloodshed–there occurred in East Asia, the annual New Year’s Eve address by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who explicitly stated the truth that mankind can act in a way to be at peace in the world. After reviewing China’s accomplishments in 2016, especially in the realm of space, the One Belt, One Road, and of lifting up 10 million citizens out of poverty, Xi concluded:

“The Chinese people have always believed that the world is a commonwealth. We Chinese not only aspire for good living for ourselves, but also hope people in other parts of the world lead a decent life. At present, people in certain countries and regions are still troubled in wars and turbulence; many are suffering from diseases and disasters. We sincerely hope the international community will make concerted effort, work in the belief that mankind shares the same fate as a community, and build our planet into a more peaceful and prosperous place to live in.”

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