Obama Going Down in Flames — Pass Glass-Steagall Now!

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



Both within the US and around the world, Obama is being ridiculed and denounced for his mass killing, his war crimes, his lies, and his frantic (but failing) effort at “manufactured hysteria” against Russia. Virtually no one but the lying mass media and the most die-hard neocons around Obama and Hillary Clinton believes a word of it.

An interview with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange was broadcast on Fox News, Tuesday night, in which Assange reasserted that the e-mails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta did not come from Russia, as Obama and his “intelligence” team have asserted, nor from any state actor. Assange added that Wikileaks had never revealed its sources in its ten years of activity, and would not now, but neither had it ever been wrong, nor even accused of being wrong. As multiple intelligence experts have shown, there is no proof, nor even credible evidence, that Russia had anything to do with obtaining and leaking the e-mails.

But truth is not of concern to the dying breed of British Imperial assets. CIA chief John Brennan, best known for his weekly sessions with Obama to map out the week’s drone kill list, went on PBS, Tuesday, to rant that the information showing that Russia had interferred in the election was absolutely true, but that he couldn’t reveal that information yet. Asked about the CIA’s “slam dunk” proof (as then CIA Director George Tenet said at the time) that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, Brennan responded that that had happened “light years” ago, and that now the CIA only tells the truth.

In Turkey, Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim issued a statement saying that, although Obama claims to be fighting terrorism, he has in fact “sent arms to terrorist organizations…. It is only Turkey that fights against Daesh. The United States and others do nothing…. What we expect from the new administration is to bring an end to this shame.” Turkish leaders are seriously questioning the continued use of Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base by US forces, since they refuse to help Turkish and Russian forces fighting Daesh (ISIS) in Syria.

But disrupting Obama’s war plans will mean little in the long run if the disintegration of the entire western financial system is not reversed, which is only possible through the immediate revival of Glass-Steagall. The new US Congress opened this week, with a number of leading Democrats expressing their intent to work with Trump on issues of mutual concern, naming, in particular, major infrastructure investments and the revision of the disastrous NAFTA free trade deal. These are useful and important measures, but without Glass-Steagall, shutting down the floating crap game centered on Wall Street, nothing else is possible, as the on-rushing implosion of the trans-Atlantic financial empire will wash away all secondary efforts to restore the economy. Only with Glass-Steagall can the stage be set for a Hamiltonian credit system, to direct credit into reconstruction and the frontiers of scientific progress.

LPAC organizers were on the Hill, Tuesday, meeting with many new and returning Senators and Representatives. They were told that the Glass-Steagall bills from the last Congress will be reintroduced into the new Congress within a matter of days.

But so far the Democrats have failed to take actions which would drive Trump to do what he said he would do during the campaign — namely, support Glass-Steagall. By forcing the issue immediately — before another crash hits — a bipartison majority can, and must, restore sanity to the nation, reviving government of the people, by the people, and for the people — not of Wall Street, by Wall Street, and for Wall Street. It was precisely the recognition of this degradation of the citizens of the nation on behalf of Wall Street which caused the solid defeat of the Obama/Hillary campaign of 2016.

A coalition of Northeast Ohio Democrats who have been meeting with LPAC representatives, issued a strong statement to President-elect Trump to include a call for Glass-Steagall in his State of the Union address.

Wednesday, January 11, will be a “Day of Action” on the Hill by LPAC, to provide the necessary “uplifting” kick in the ass to hesitant and/or cowardly Members of Congress, to act now.

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