Face to Face with the Unknown

Obama. [Whitehouse photo]


No one in the U.S. can miss the strained air of anticipation pervading these early days of 2017. One way or the other, the accustomed verities of sixteen bloody years of Bush-Obama tyranny are quickly coming to their end; all of us are face-to-face with the unknown. Surrounding this development and conditioning it, is a completely new, revolutionary situation on the entire international plane, of which the huge majority of Americans has not the slightest idea as they are blinded by the endless stream of propaganda meant to stupefy them.

At the same time, as Inauguration Day approaches, some of our lower-level lackeys of the British Empire are white with fear. Will they lose some of their privileges? What will happen to them? They appear to be taking leave of their senses, as they scream out ever-wilder hoaxes against the President-Elect. Instead of this madness, they should rather be attending to “regret, repentance, and making amends,” as patriot Andrew J. Bacevich wrote in a Jan. 9 article.

Meanwhile, ignored by the major media, and therefore unseen by those who read it, that majority of Americans who have had to eat dirt for sixteen years and longer, find themselves nursing, however furtively, a new hope.

But all of us together, without exception, are staring into the face of the unknown and unanticipated—the unexpected. And whoever is the first one to land back on his feet, ready to act effectively, will begin at a great advantage. It certainly won’t be the pitiful lackeys of the press or the conscience-free bureaucrats who now head the “intelligence” agencies (but not for long).

We find that few know what to do. How can we avoid an impending collapse of the financial system? How can we have a real economic recovery? Where do we fit in the world system? Where is humanity heading? This political movement, led by Lyndon LaRouche does know the answers to these urgent questions.

It is for this reason that we suddenly find that everyone we encounter is listening to us, they are hungry for these solutions. They demand to understand LaRouche’s Four Laws—because, who else has the answer? And the lessons of yesterday’s LaRouchePAC mission to Capitol Hill, go even beyond the new receptiveness to Glass-Steagall restoration and especially to LaRouche’s Hamiltonian Four Laws. They go beyond that, to include the tremendous impression made there by Schiller Institute Music Director John Sigerson, with his briefing about the Jan. 7 observance at the Teardrop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey, in which the Schiller Institute NYC Community Chorus had participated.

And you ain’t seen nuttn’ yet!

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