British Intelligence Influence Campaign Exposed: Glass-Steagall Now Urgent



Our webcast today features three segments: 1) an excerpt from an exclusive interview with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, exposing the fraud behind the British and American intelligence establishment’s propaganda campaign concerning alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election campaign; 2) an excerpt from a keynote presentation delivered by Helga LaRouche at a breakthrough diplomatic seminar in Stockholm, Sweden on the potential for a new paradigm of strategic and economic cooperation between the United States, Russia, and China; and 3) an update on the national mobilization of citizen activists to force the restoration of Glass-Steagall onto the agenda of the incoming Presidential administration as the first step in a comprehensive development and recovery program. This is augmented by an exploration of Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of distinct “economic platforms” throughout human history, defining the term “infrastructure” from the proper and necessary standpoint of scientific and technological revolutions in human discovery. Join the mobilization, and sign the petition demanding that President-elect Trump make good on his promise and commit to a 21st Century Glass-Steagall by the time of the State of the Union:

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