British Apoplectic that the U.S. Could Join the ‘Common Destiny of Mankind’ With China and Russia

Meeting with President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, October 15, 2016 in Benaulim, India.


Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Switzerland today, both for a state visit with that nation and to deliver the keynote address to the Davos World Economic Forum on Jan. 17. There is a special irony to Xi’s much-awaited address to that body: Davos is perhaps the emblematic international forum of the dying imperial order which is rapidly being replaced by a New Paradigm under the leadership of Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

An article in Xinhua today previewed some of the central themes that Xi is expected to address, regarding the content of that emerging new order. “A community of common destiny, a shared home for humanity. Since Xi first proposed the concept in late 2012, it has gone on to shape China’s approach to global governance,” Xinhua wrote. The Belt and Road Initiative, the concept of win-win cooperation, and “a new security concept” to foster universal security, are all part of Xi’s policy. Xinhua quoted Tanq Qifang, a researcher with the China Institute of International Studies, explaining: “The concept of a community of common destiny transcends all sorts of differences in human society and targets greatest possible benefits for all.”

Having everything to lose, the British Empire is nothing short of apoplectic about U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s statements that he intends to normalize relations with both China and Russia, as he once again made clear in a Jan. 13 interview with the Wall Street Journal. The British are wildly exposing themselves to try to cripple Trump, and to torpedo any rapprochement with Russia, in particular. As the London Guardian confessed, the British “fear a deepening relationship between the U.S. and Russia under Trump risks leaving Britain out in the cold.”

Lyndon LaRouche today commented that, “the way he [trump] is going ahead right now, there’s going to be a big change internationally. Now, it’s not Trump alone. It’s the other elements in the system that are coming together to bring a force into play which will dominate the planet. Not because they are using fists, but because they are using brains. I’ve always preferred brains to fists,” LaRouche noted.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche elaborated that what the British “are trying to attempt against Trump is a color revolution.” Trump is now being subjected to a campaign of lies and “fake news” similar to what the British orchestrated covertly for decades to target Lyndon LaRouche as their mortal enemy. There is one stroke that can be taken to put an end to that color revolution, Zepp-LaRouche stated: Indicate that what was done to Lyndon LaRouche was the greatest injustice, for which the United States as a nation has paid dearly for decades, and immediately implement LaRouche’s Four Laws, beginning with a return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall.

She continued: That is because around the world, at the highest levels of government, as we have been told directly and repeatedly, “Lyndon LaRouche is viewed as the only American they can trust–simply because he has proven to be a world citizen as well as an American patriot. He has always been on this level that Xi Jinping is now talking about,” of the community of common destiny of all mankind, Zepp-LaRouche stated.

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