President Xi To Expound His Vision of a ‘Community of Common Destiny’ During Switzerland Visit

In the coming days, during his four-day (Jan. 15-18) visit to Switzerland, Xinhua reported, President Xi Jinping will expound on his vision of this world as a “community of common destiny.” Xinhua said that in his New Year’s speech, Xi had dwelt on this vision and is expected to send that message again when he speaks at the United Nations Office at Geneva on Jan. 18. According to Xinhua, since Xi first proposed the concept of a “community of common destiny” in late 2012, “it has gone on to shape China’s approach to global governance, giving rise to proposals and measures to support growth for all.”

Commenting on Xi’s concept of “community of common destiny,” Tang Qifang, a researcher with China’s Institute of International Studies, said: “The concept of a community of common destiny transcends all sorts of differences in human society and targets greatest possible benefits for all.” Xinhua added: “This is a very advanced notion born out of changing world conditions, and an embodiment of the Chinese aspiration to share peace and development with the world.”

Another academic, Wang Yiwei, Director of the Institute of International Affairs and the Center for EU Studies at the Renmin University of China, pointed out that “the community of common destiny is a concept created by China.” “Although the West and the UN also had similar mottos, the community of common destiny is a greater and broader concept. Apart from environmental protection, it also covers the economy, politics, diplomacy and security,” Global Times reported Sunday.

Wang noted globalization, which has benefited some developed countries and its elites, needs reform. Global Times concluded: “The way out is the One Belt and One Road initiative, Wang said, which will make more developing countries and those stuck in the lower classes have new opportunities to share China’s growth, so China can make the international community support and understand China’s rise and the concept of the community of common destiny.”

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