Obama, EU Furious as Trump Sees the New International Reality

Obama and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen participate in a North Atlantic Council meeting with heads of state and government during the NATO Summit in Chicago, Ill., May 20, 2012. [Whitehouse photo]


President-elect Donald Trump’s latest and most substantive interview makes very clear what is the new paradigm for the world for the immediate future. Trump prioritizes a deal for nuclear weapons-reduction and likely sanctions-reduction with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. He states that NATO is “obsolete” and that its European members neither support its military nor fight jihadist terrorism. He forecasts that the European Union is likely to break up, and that this will be a good thing. Despite the hysterical outbursts this interview with the London Times and Germany’s Bild Zeitung has drawn from the European elite and Obama’s ambassadors there, Donald Trump is simply seeing the new reality — the new paradigm — and indicating he may help make it.

Putin’s Russia is responsible for the possibility of ending 15 years’ continuous Mideast/North Africa wars, and for a new security concept, shared by Xi Jinping’s China, which can break the back of international terrorism. Xi tomorrow will keynote the World Economic Forum at Davos. He is responsible for driving a very large share of the economic and productivity growth in the world, and for offering “a community of common destiny” through the New Silk Road infrastructure, leading fusion research and development, leading lunar exploration.

The United States, rid of the Nobel War Prize President Obama, is offered to join the institutions and actions of this new paradigm.

Fear and hatred of this prospect is the source of the intense campaign of anti-Russia, anti-Trump propaganda in the United States, which is being steered from British intelligence but is deep into a “get-Trump task force” within the intelligence agencies under Obama. That campaign is futile and destructive, and American “progressives” should not be sucked into joining it. As EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche put it, “The way Trump is going ahead right now, there’s going to be a big change internationally. It’s not Trump alone. It’s the other elements in the system that are coming together to bring a force into play which will dominate the planet.”

Will the American population, which has voted to reject the old, “globalization, deindustrialization” paradigm, get the new administration and Congress to do what is needed to join the new drivers of growth and scientific progress? A national, bipartisan petition drive is underway — and on this website — demanding that Trump, who promised “a 21st-Century Glass-Steagall Act” during the campaign, propose this to Congress in his first address to them. Ending the Wall Street casino’s poisoning of the American economy is a first step. But then there is no national “Hamiltonian” credit institution to remake America’s obsolete economic infrastructure — even when China’s sovereign funds, as reported here, are seeking exactly such an institution to enable them to invest in a new U.S. infrastructure. Obama told voters he considered the fusion power/plasma technology revolution entirely unnecessary, and privatized NASA’s major exploration programs with worsening effect.

The time is now for Americans to act for their futures, not their fears.

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