Xi at Davos: Do Not Be Afraid of Exploring a New World

Russian President Vladimir Putin with President of China Xi Jinping in a July 2015 meeting. [en.kremlin.ru]


With the eyes of the world on him, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote address to the Davos World Economic Forum on Jan. 17, laying out what his Foreign Ministry described as “a blueprint for the future progress of human society.”

Xi said that the world financial crisis has been caused by “finance capital taking out excessive profits and by the failure of financial regulation to deal with it,” and that there are growing international calls for fundamental reform. He presented China’s Belt and Road Initiative as an open offer to all nations, because “development is of the people, by the people and for the people,” and is based on increasing productivity based on the development of science and technology. And he emphasized that the history of man “tells us that problems should not be feared, but have to be faced… If one is afraid of the storm and exploring a new world, they will get drowned in the ocean sooner or later.”

The utter intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the dying old paradigm was well reflected by one befuddled Establishment participant in Davos, Moises Naim of the Carnegie Institute, who could only sputter: “There is a consensus that something huge is going on, global and in many respects unprecedented, But we don’t know what the causes are, nor how to deal with it.”

But Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin do, as do Lyndon LaRouche and those Americans wise enough to be guided by his scientific and strategic thinking. Will that include the next President of the United States, Donald Trump?

As Putin told a press conference in Moscow, even as Xi was speaking in Davos: “I don’t know Mr. Trump… I don’t know what he will do in the international arena, so I have no reason either to attack him, criticize him, or defend him.” What is clear, he continued, is that there is “a ‘Maidan’ in Washington not to let Trump assume office… [and] to tie the hands and legs of the newly-elected president related to the implementation of his pre-election campaign’s promises to the American people and the international community.” As for those who leaked the lying dossier, “they are worse than prostitutes, they have no moral limits,” Putin stated with precision.

The stakes are epochal, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in a strategic evaluation to be published in the upcoming issue of EIR:

“The unprecedented hysteria of the mainstream media and the neocons on both sides of the Atlantic over the election of Donald Trump is material for a first-class object lesson on the real dynamic now unfolding on the global strategic stage. It makes crystal clear, even for the most naive adherent of political correctness, that what is happening has nothing to do with the interests of one party, or one state, against another. It has to do with the methods used by a collapsing empire against the emergence of a new paradigm, the precise content of which has not yet been clearly defined, but which nonetheless represents the rejection of the system of globalization…

“And now we have in Trump someone who has won the U.S. election and who, as Obama said of Putin, does not belong to ‘the team’; agrees with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and an array of conservative military figures that these regime-change wars must be stopped; and even, as the ultimate desecration of taboos, wants to re-establish normal relations with Russia!…

“This empire is something other than the nations of the United States and Great Britain. It is the oligarchical forces exerting their power through the trans-Atlantic neoliberal financial system and the military defense of the unipolar world order, and they don’t care a whit about the general welfare of the populations in whose nations they happen to live. A global revolution is underway against this empire, which found expression in the Brexit, just as it did in Trump’s victory and the ‘no’ to Renzi’s referendum in Italy…

“Meanwhile, the new paradigm is developing in the form of a new world economic order, in which the BRICS countries and China’s New Silk Road policy are offering win-win cooperation to all of the world’s nations, in which all can only gain through the benefit of all–each through ‘the advantage of the other.’ If Trump succeeds in working with this new combination–which will only become clear after he is in office–it could mean a new era for mankind, in which sovereign nations work together for the future of mankind as a community of common destiny, and the era of empires is finally buried.”

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