2017: The End of the Bush-Obama Era

Let’s Inaugurate a New Paradigm in US-China-Russia Relations


by Diane Sare

The 15 years immediately following the British/Saudi run and financed 9/11 attack on our nation will be remembered as one of the darkest periods of American history. It was during this time that our nation sank to unspeakable depths, previously unimaginable. We have been in a state of perpetual war against many nations; not merely Iraq and Afghanistan, but undeclared wars of regime change and destabilization have been perpetrated in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, and the list goes on. We went from barbaric methods of torturing prisoners, as in Abu Ghraib under Cheney and Bush, to targeting and murdering people remotely with drones under Obama. During this time, American life expectancy began to drop, with increased death rates due to diseases of despair: suicide, alcoholism, and drug overdose. Instead of coming together to protect their people from the ravages of insane presidencies, the state governments plunged into the Dark Age abyss with measures to legalize drugs and “physician-assisted suicide.”

The victory of Donald Trump over Obama-clone Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, presents us with a great moment of opportunity. This result was not an American phenomenon caused by Russian hacking. It was the lawful American manifestation of a global revolution in a world grown weary of British Imperial methods. It followed the Brexit vote in the UK, a similar vote in Italy, the election of President Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, and perhaps most importantly, the remarkable measures taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who announced at the 2015 UN General Assembly his intent to intervene in Syria to actually defeat terrorism, starting with ISIS. Putin’s actions, taken simultaneously with China’s One Belt One Road initiative to lift billions of people out of poverty, have created a New Paradigm where nations can collaborate, not as in the old geopolitical domain, but in mutual self-interest, or as President Xi has said, “win-win cooperation.”

In 1989, a similar opportunity—although on a much smaller scale—presented itself when the Berlin Wall came down. That opportunity was squandered because the greatest genius America has yet produced, Lyndon LaRouche, was framed up and jailed, following a phony trial accompanied by a spectacular media campaign of lies and defamation, just months after his October, 1988 Berlin Press Conference in which he had proposed the reunification of Germany. The George H.W. Bush Administration, no doubt under orders from London, kept Mr. LaRouche in prison for five long years, as well as targeting and incarcerating many of LaRouche’s associates, and illegally “bankrupting” his newspaper, in a desperate effort to prevent Mr. LaRouche’s policies for global economic development from being adopted.

As a result of this political witch hunt, the reunification of Germany, which did occur, exactly as LaRouche had forecast, did not lead to a new era of East-West collaboration and technology transfer for the benefit of mankind. Instead, key figures like Deutsche Bank head Alfred Herrhausen were assassinated, and wars in Iraq and the Balkans ensued. LaRouche’s wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, became the champion of these policies from Germany, and after LaRouche’s release from prison (under President Bill Clinton) she and Mr. LaRouche travelled to China and Russia, respectively, planting the seeds for what is now on the table 25 years later.

Therefore, Americans of good will, who want our nation to prosper, and to once again join the ranks of the civilized world must heed the words of Lyndon LaRouche at this juncture. On the reverse of this broadsheet are LaRouche’s “Four Laws,” which are to be understood as a modern and advanced presentation of founding father Alexander Hamilton’s four major papers as Treasury Secretary, on the subjects of Public Credit, National Banking and Manufactures. Study them carefully, and note that the first step is the immediate reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act.

But, Glass-Steagall is not the end of the program. It merely creates the conditions for the transformation of the U.S. economy from the junk heap it has recently become, to a powerhouse of productivity and mass employment, where Americans can not only earn a decent living, but can create the conditions where their children can become geniuses in art and science.

Mr. LaRouche has emphasized that the policies chosen by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, especially in his first 100 days, are the model for an approach to the desperate state we find ourselves in. Roosevelt took a nation with over 25% unemployment, where people were literally dying of starvation, or diseases spread by eating out of garbage dumps, and turned it into the most productive nation on the planet. Contrary to popular opinion, it was not WWII that generated the recovery. The recovery was well under way before we finally entered the war in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Under FDR’s leadership, the American war mobilization brought the economy to a new level, and quickly broke all records of industrial production ever even considered.

China has invited us repeatedly to join the “One Belt One Road” or as Mrs. LaRouche has called it, the “New Silk Road.” Doing so would allow us to join in solving the greatest challenges facing mankind, from the development of fusion energy, to figuring out how to prevent a major comet or asteroid from obliterating us in the near or distant future. Ensuring that every single human being on the planet has access to clean drinking water and electricity would be obvious, under those conditions. That incoming President Donald Trump has expressed an interest in collaboration with China and Russia indicates a great potential for rapid progress world wide and inside the United States. In the words of President Franklin Roosevelt in his First inaugural Address, “This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper.” As Lyndon LaRouche has advised, let us act in that tradition.

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