Lavrov: West’s “Post-Christian Messianism” Has Brought Chaos to the World — We Must Restore Human Values

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. (



With one day remaining under the degenerate, murderous Obama Administration, and with President-elect Trump pledging to end “regime change,” and restore relations with Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin have taken off the gloves on the threat to civilization represented by Obama and his British controllers.

Addressing an annual press conference on Tuesday, Lavrov began with a statement on the failure of the international community to unite against terrorism. It is a “systemic problem,” he said, “compounded by basic differences between the objective trend toward the formation of a polycentric world, on the one hand, and the actions of those trying to hold on to the outdated concept of unipolarity, on the other hand. I am referring to the domination not even so much of one state, as one group of states with their own system of values.”

And what are these values, he asks, which the West constantly demands that Russia and the world must adopt?

“These are probably not the values the grandfathers of today’s Europeans espoused,” said Lavrov, “but something new and modernized, a free-for-all, I would say. These are values that can be called post-Christian. They are radically and fundamentally at odds with the values handed down from generation to generation for centuries in our country, which we would like to cherish and hand down to our children and grandchildren. When during foreign policy battles we and many others face a demand to accept these new post-Christian Western values, including permissiveness and the universality of liberal approaches to the life of the individual, I think it is indecent on a human level. But in terms of professional diplomats, it is a colossal mistake and a completely unacceptable overestimation of your own influence on international relations.”

Lyndon LaRouche responded to these statements with full agreement. “This is like World War I,” he said. “The values of 19th Century America were destroyed by World War I,” a war created by the British in order to destroy American cooperation with Europe, especially Germany, in nation building internationally. The optimism that characterized the America of Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, and Abraham Lincoln was drowned in the blood of pessimism and geopolitics.

Putin, also, warned that the “messianic” hysteria in the West has gone so far that they are now trying to impose a “color revolution” upon the newly elected President of their own country, who has broken from the controlled environment.

“The impression is,” Putin said Tuesday, “that after a practice run in Kiev, they are now ready to organize a Maidan in Washington to prevent Trump from taking office.” To this, LaRouche noted that it was the threat of assassination which forced the elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, to flee in the face of U.S.-backed neo-nazi thugs on the Maidan. Today, the threat of assassination to stop Trump is a very real danger. Throughout American history, it is only those presidents who stood up against the British and Wall Street who were subject to assassination. Today, London’s role in orchestrating a “color revolution” against Trump is out in the open. Trump, himself, in an interview with the Times of London Monday, ridiculed MI6 agent Christopher Steele for his wild fabrications about Trump being controlled by Moscow, which were picked up and peddled by the US press. Trump concluded by telling the Times reporter: “So if this guy is a British guy, you got a lot of problems.”

Lavrov, in his interview, said that “Our relations with China are at their best level ever in our two countries’ history,” pointing to Putin’s visit to China in June 2016. This week, Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose Silk Road programs are transforming the world, is in Switzerland, where his keynote speech to the Davos Forum said that the financial crisis was caused by “financial capital taking out excessive profits and by the failure of financial regulation to deal with it.” This is precisely the LaRouchePAC message to Congress — hold Donald Trump to his campaign pledge to pass Glass-Steagall, immediately, to put the bankrupt financial system through orderly bankruptcy proceedings before it crashes, dragging the western world into depression and war.

The New Paradigm is within reach, if the suffering people of the United States and Europe can reach for the stars, and, like William Tell in Schiller’s drama, say to the world: “No, there is a limit to a tyrant’s power.” The revolutionary ferment which produce, Brexit, the Trump election, and several votes in Europe against the EU dictatorship and the insane anti-Russia policies, provides the proper momentum for a true international Renaissance, unleashing the creative power of Mankind to create a future worthy of human dignity.

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