Trump’s Arrival Is a Global Development, Deny It Though He May

Donald J. Trump walks out to be sworn in as America’s 45th President. [Whitehouse Instagram]



From German’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, comes the plaintive but very true cry, in an opinion piece in Bilt am Sonntag yesterday: “There is a lot at stake today — with the election of Donald Trump, the old world of the 20th Century is over for good.”

And from Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the Schiller Institute founder who is called “Silk Road Lady” in China because of her 30-year pioneering of world land-bridge projects and institutions: “Steinmeier, however, does not know what the new order is, but we do. He recognizes that a new era is opening. But its purpose is, can we establish a new order for the common good of mankind?”

No matter how often President Donald Trump repeats, “America first,” his election remains an international phenomenon, one of an ongoing global sweep of many elections now, in which the old Wall Street-City of London order of “globalization, deindustrialization, imperial war,” is being thrown out.

NATO is obsolete, so is the European Union; so is Obama’s “we make the rules” and overthrow regimes “we” don’t like by war.

President Trump has recognized that Putin’s Russia is responsible for the possibility of ending 15 years’ continuous Mideast/North Africa wars, and for a new security concept, shared by Xi Jinping’s China, which can break the back of international terrorism.

He will have to come to recognize that Xi is responsible for offering “a community of common destiny” through the New Silk Road infrastructure, leading fusion research and development, leading lunar exploration.

Will the American population, which has voted to reject the old, “globalization, deindustrialization” paradigm, get the new administration and Congress to do what is needed to join the new drivers of growth and scientific progress?

The tests are already underway. The fight to restore the Glass-Steagall Act requires getting Trump to act, and separating him from his Treasury Secretary nominee who publicly opposes Glass-Steagall. A national, bipartisan petition drive is underway — and on this website.

Bills are already being discussed and introduced in Congress for a “national infrastructure bank,” but it will have to be an order of magnitude larger, bolder, and encompass frontiers like fusion development, space exploration, continental high-speed rail lines. And it will have to be a national credit institution linked to the international development banks of this new order, for truly great projects which span countries and continents.

Trump in a rare moment spoke of “not dominating, but leading by shining example.” It’s already there for him to join.

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