The Four Powers That Can Bury the British Empire

The Four Powers [illustration by Chance McGee]


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke as follows yesterday before the lower house of the Russian Legislature, the Duma.

“We believe that as Russia, the US and China build their relations, this triangle should not be closed or directed toward some projects that could worry other states. [They should be] open and fair. I am convinced that the economic structure of Russia, the US and China is such that there is a great deal of complementarity in the material and economic sphere.

“As for international security problems, these three countries play a very important role. Russia and China have restrained attempts to introduce confrontational, force-based solutions into world politics. We expect that Donald Trump, who has confirmed his commitment to focus primarily on US [domestic] problems and to abandon interference in the internal affairs of other states, will do the same.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Hua Chunying responded to Lavrov’s statement today, saying, according to Tass, “China, Russia and the US are the leading global powers, and they are the permanent members of the UN Security Council. We have great responsibility for global peace, stability and development.” Beijing has been deepening relations of strategic partnership and cooperation with Russia, and has also been making efforts to develop trust-based relations with the US, she said. “Therefore, China plans to intensify cooperation with the US and Russia and to make common contribution to solving the tasks and challenges of the modern world,” she said.

She also noted that the Russian side has repeatedly said that it attaches great importance to Russian-Chinese relations and gives a high assessment to them. “We welcome this,” she said, adding that the relations of strategic partnership and cooperation between the two countries have reached the highest level, and both sides plan to jointly work on the issues of regional and global peace, stability and development.

The fourth of the “Four Powers” named by Lyndon LaRouche, and organized earlier by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his own struggle to put an end to the world rule of the British Empire—is India. Today, on India’s Republic Day, Russian President Putin sent greetings to India’s President and Prime Minister, which said that the special and privileged strategic partnership with India is an invariable priority in Russia’s foreign policy.

None of the breaking developments in today’s world can be understood without first grasping the reality that this potential has now come into being.

As Lyndon LaRouche foresaw, building on the foundation laid by Franklin Roosevelt, this four-power force, if it is consolidated, can put an end to the British Empire forever, and move the world decisively and forever into the New Paradigm. This is the task before us.

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