British Frantic To Destroy Trump, Save the Empire

The Soros-directed, “color revolution” process has now hit the USA in full force.


The mass demonstrations against President Trump, and the 24/7 news coverage denouncing him, are not only hypocritical, but demonstrate that the British are becoming hysterical that they are losing control of the United States.

Since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, and especially since the British assassination of John F. Kennedy, the British system has taken firm hold in Washington. While Wall Street seized full control over the nation’s economic policy, using British “free trade” to replace Hamiltonian directed credit, the British also used the U.S. as the “dumb giant” to wage colonial wars on behalf of London and Wall Street, from Vietnam to the perpetual wars against sovereign, peaceful nations in the Mideast under both Bush and Obama. This sustained the imperial division of the world into East vs. West, leading to Obama’s final efforts to provoke a U.S./NATO war against Russia and China.

Now Donald Trump threatens to overturn the entire imperial system: establishing a partnership with Russia to defeat the terrorist scourge (itself a creation of the British and their controlled monarchy in Saudi Arabia); ending the free-trade policies which saw the West shut down its own industries while exploiting cheap labor in the underdeveloped nations; ending the anti-growth and anti-science hoax of global warming; and promising to restore the American System of economics through Glass-Steagall to rebuild American industry, infrastructure, and scientific research. It is far from certain that Trump will fulfill these promises, but the threat has sent chills through the blue blood of the British Monarchy.

Now, the British “Stop the War Coalition” is leading protests against the very person who has stopped Obama’s perpetual warfare! British agent George Soros is funding mass demonstrations against Trump in the U.S. for supposedly being anti-Muslim, while supporting Obama, who killed tens of thousands of Muslims and drove millions of Muslims out of their homes.

Trump is denounced as “anti-science” for rejecting the fruitcake Prince Charles and his environmental fantasies, and calling for renewed space exploration and real scientific research. The most serious error made by the new President — his choice of the anti-Glass-Steagall (and serial forecloser) Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury Secretary — was disrupted today by a boycott by the Democrat members of the Senate Finance Committee.

By refusing to attend the Committee meeting scheduled to vote on the Mnuchin confirmation, they denied a “bipartison” vote, as required, thus indefinitely postponing the vote and giving time for further efforts to block the confirmation. A mass mobilization by LaRouche PACsupporters and others to stop the Mnuchin confirmation will continue beyond this temporary victory, including a substantial delegation from across the East Coast to the Hill today, aimed at thrusting the Glass-Steagall issue into the forefront of the politically chaotic situation. Given Mnuchin’s 15-year association with George Soros, Republicans should also understand why his confirmation must be stopped.

Will Americans and Europeans capitulate to the fascist concept that an American leader opposed to colonial wars and committed to industrial progress is somehow the opposite of “Western values?” For years, the Anglo-American oligarcy and their press whores have peddled the lie that Russian and Chinese “aggression” must be stopped to save “western values,” when in fact Russia and China have taken the lead in fostering the historic but discarded values of Western civilization — providing security and prosperity for their own people, and, through the New Silk Road process, taking that security and prosperity to the rest of the world. The U.S., meanwhile, has fallen into mass unemployment and underemployment, the collapse of manufacturing, an unprecedented drug epidemic, and profound cultural decadence, while under President Obama the nation has been in perpetual warfare, with Obama proudly drawing up a drone “kill list” on a weekly basis. Was this “Western values?”

The moment is pregnant with potentialities, for a new paradigm uniting the world’s peoples in a new Renaissance, based on science and the best of each nation’s classical culture. This will not come from Donald Trump; but the fact that he is breaking the chains of the British Empire, working with Russia and potentially also with China for world development, provides the basis for the world to respond to the historic leadership of Lyndon LaRouche for a new, truly human world.

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