Only Principle Is Real

Rep. Marcy Kaptur at her Wednesday press conference to restore the Glass-Steagall Act. []


Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s press-conference Wednesday, re-introducing Glass-Steagall legislation, occurred simultaneously with the Trump Administration’s renewal of its commitment to Glass-Steagall, in answer to a question posed by EIR correspondent Bill Jones. For those who have seen it, that press conference marked a total break from the deluge of corrosive hyper-partisanship being led by ousted murderer Barack Obama himself, and fueled with millions of dollars of George Soros’ drug-money. Here instead were patriots seeking to unite the House of Representatives, and unite it with the Senate and the Presidency, in behalf of a critical immediate step of vital national interest, and in fact of vital world interest.

Lyndon LaRouche’s forecast of the end of the two-party system, at his 90th birthday celebration in 2012, has effectively come to pass. (Remember, after all, that the American voters defeated the Republican Party just as much as the Democratic Party in the recent election.) Instead of representatives of parties, what we saw at yesterday’s press conference were simply leading individuals–individual leaders–regardless of party affiliation. Marcy Kaptur began the press conference by welcoming President Trump’s support of Glass-Steagall, and volunteering to work with him to get it enacted. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard had met with President-Elect Trump, and then flown to Syria to meet with Bashar al-Assad, in part because she knows that the issues are simply too important to refuse any meeting with anyone which might bring a solution closer. Rep. Walter Jones told the poignant story of his two greatest mistakes: his vote supporting repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999, and his subsequent vote to support the second Iraq war. Once he realized how profoundly wrong these both had been, he has devoted the remainder of his life to righting those wrongs, or to remission of these sins.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once wrote, “There is nothing that so assists the awakening of omniscience within us, as insistent thoughts about one’s own transgressions, errors, mistakes.”

The meaning and the purpose of this unity of the Houses of Congress with the President and the people goes beyond Glass-Steagall, which is only an indispensable first step. Its meaning and purpose is LaRouche’s “Four Laws” of June, 2014. Those Four Laws are an indissoluble unity. They are the principle without which nothing will work; this nation can only be saved by men and women of principle–and this is the principle. “This is what’s real,” as LaRouche said today. The rest is chatter.

Former Reagan Administration official Paul Craig Roberts, who has rightly supported President Trump against the calumnies of Obama and the Soros golems, wrote in a recent column that he fears that the Trump Administration may not be able to carry out its plans. That would be true, but for Lyndon LaRouche and his Four Laws–along with the new creative discoveries which LaRouche will introduce in the future. As he said recently, “I’ve done this before, and I can do it again.”

And finally, on leadership: recall that it will take only ONE U.S. Senator to put a “hold” to stop Steve Mnuchin’s confirmation as Treasury Secretary. Not fifty-one; just one.

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