The U.S. Must Join the New Silk Road, The Dominant Dynamic on the Planet

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The train has left the station, but there is still time for the United States to get on board.

The Chinese-led New Silk Road global development project, the largest infrastructure endeavor ever undertaken on the planet, is well underway on almost every continent on the globe. Even Africa, almost driven to the point of extinction of late by British, Dutch, French, and other imperial looting, is undergoing a transformation with Chinese help–both of its infrastructure grid per se, and of its sense of optimism about the future.

The recently inaugurated Djibouti-Addis Adaba rail line, built with Chinese help, is one such project which has led to jubilation in the region. As the chairman of the Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority, Aboubaker Omar Hadi, explained to the Feb. 7 New York Times, that rail line is “just the first leg of a long-dreamed trans-Africa route, from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic. The train is already a game-changer.”

Hadi then pointed to what is actually a global reality: “We approached the U.S., and they dind’t have the vision. They are not thinking ahead 30 years… The Chinese have vision.”

As part of China’s vision, the Xi Jinping government has convoked a world summit of leaders of nations participating in the New Silk Road project, which will meet in May in Beijing. Chinese authorities have announced that already over 20 leaders have accepted the invitation, from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Ibero-America. Two weeks ago, a top Chinese scholar from Renmin University reported that China is also “looking forward to welcoming Mr. Trump’s participation at the international cooperation summit on the Belt and Road this May.”

Will Trump accept, and realize, that the only way to actually “Make America Great Again” is by joining the New Silk Road initiative?

Our job is to put this immediately on the table, Helga Zepp- LaRouche told associates today. The U.S. must join the New Silk Road, which has now become the dominant dynamic on the planet.

Lyndon LaRouche emphasized, as he has repeatedly, that the U.S. joining with China and Russia in that global purpose, is the most essential strategic matter facing Mankind. Such action is the basis for correcting American policies on other matters, and the LaRouche movement has the special responsibility of providing a vision for our nation that is otherwise lacking, LaRouche stated. We have to clarify the problems to be remedied, he said, and we have to make people understand that this is the only basis to win.

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