Stay Above the Turmoil; Push for Sanity

In the present turmoil in Washington, D.C., there are new convulsions of demands to investigate and oust the newly-elected president of the United States, for simply having “Russia connections.” This is pure geopolitical hogswallop, coming on the occasion of an orchestrated resignation of Donald Trump’s security adviser, Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn, last night, over imputed charges of mis-speaking to Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. in December, and not revealing the content of the calls. But, as Trump himself tweeted this morning, “The real story here is, why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal with North Korea, etc.?” Is the NSA spying on our own government?

Details aside, what we are seeing is a frenzied mobilization out of London, by the British Empire’s war party, to stay on top of its dying system, by smashing any collaboration between the United States and Russia, and by thwarting a U.S. breakaway into economic growth, by means of a Glass-Steagall reorganization, and alliance with the new, world “Silk Road” coming out of Eurasia. Lyndon LaRouche, reviewing all the wild developments, struck a positive note, advising, don’t let up on “the push for sanity.” He said, “It’s not so bad;” seen from the overview. There are other elements in our government, and other nations and leaders in the world, moving in the right way.

The London-based mobilization is blatant and evil. The BBC, The Economist, and London Review of Books, among others, are outstanding in their issuance of wild calls for action against Trump and Russia. One of five BBC stories on the subject early this morning, was titled, “Russia — the Scandal Trump Can’t Shake,” and asserts that Flynn’s departure is just the beginning to bring down Trump for associating with Russia. A post on today’s LRB Blog (London Review of Books, titled, ‘The Deep State,” by New York Times contributing writer Adam Shatz, takes up the thought that, “He [trump] will have to be removed from power by the deep state, or be assassinated.” (The deep state referes to military, bureaucratic, or other institutional layers).

In an ugly display of group-think, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and six ranking Democrats on several House committees, fell into line. They (Pelosi, Engel, Neal, Cummings, Schiff, Conyers, B. Thompson) held a press conference on Capitol Hill, calling for 1) an investigation of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials; as well as for, 2) an investigation of how the Trump Presidency ignored the warning by Sally Yates, of the Department of Justice, that Gen. Flynn had withheld information about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. But, one may ask, how did she know?

The truthful reality is that the entire trans-Atlantic region, under the dead British Empire war-and-austerity system, is in collapse. And, as LaRouche has repeatedly stressed about the nations involved, “People want a way out. They don’t want to die.” They want the system to be changed: to work, and work better. There is still an American impulse, that, “If the thing is wrong, fix it!”

Doing that is now of great urgency, for the banking, credit, and production potential of the United States, Europe, and generally. At any moment, an uncontrolled blow-out can start, with killer-chaos results, unless we have a pre-emptive Glass-Steagall re-organization and new credit system. In the latest developments in Europe, yet another Greek bail-out crisis is underway, after rounds of deadly austerity show it was wrong from the start. In Italy, a new scandal reveals that the government is highly exposed, and losing money, on billions of derivatives deals gone bad, which it had denied to Parliament even existed. The system itself is gone.

LaRouchePAC teams will be out in force on Capitol Hill today, to press home the necessity of re-instating Glass-Steagall, as is called for in the new H.R. 790 “Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2017.” There are only three more days left, before Congress takes off for the week of Presidents Day holiday. When they return to Washington, D.C., Feb. 28, Pres. Trump is to give his State of the Union address. He must commit to his pledge on Glass-Steagall.


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